Why no Inbound option for traffic on ISA SERVER??

ISA 2004 but probably applies to any ISA server.  Help?
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What are you talking about? Anything not defined as an internal network is considered inbound or external if it is connecting to/through ISA. There are multiple options for conguring negotiations for inbound traffic. Let me know if you have any more questions.
Sp0ckyAuthor Commented:
Sorry.  Talking about creating inbound rules.  Thanks.
Leon FesterSenior Solutions ArchitectCommented:
You have to create your own Inbound protocols, if they are not in the predefined list.

In the Firewall Policy Screen, have a look on the right hand side and you'll see the "Toolbox"(may have to expand the area using the arrows)
Select "NEW" and then "Protocol". Here you will specify the traffic TCP/UDP as well as the port that it uses and then also the direction of the traffic.
Save it and then include it in the rule for inbound traffic.

ISA Server gets deployed in a "locked down" mode. Microsoft has taken the liberty of only identifying the "Most common" protocols and ports that a workplace would use. It is up to the administrator to create the additional network entities as required.

It all makes sense, that they are trying to get more people to attend their training courses.

I think your simply wanting to publish a server >

Go to Firewall Policy, Go to Tasks , Click on "Create new Server Publishing Rule".

Enter the ip address of the server > Select the desired protocol(s) > Select from which External network > Finish

Once you have applied the ruleset, everything should be fine. As dvt localboy says, you may need to add specific protocols. Yes Microsoft wants people to attend their training courses because they have their "proprietry way of doing things" > If you have the budget use checkpoint.



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