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Receive "The messaging interface has returned an unknown error. If the problem persists, restart Outlook." error when printing an email.

EngleHomes asked
IN Outlook 2003 I received the following error when trying to print a message from the main view: Receive "The messaging interface has returned an unknown error. If the problem persists, restart Outlook." . This error is received when you click on the print icon while the message line is selected in the main view. If you open the messgae and click print it acts like it is printing but never prints anything and I do not receive the error above.

I have tried a detect and repair fix, made sure the PST wasn't to large (~500k) and even removed and reinstalled the entire MS office 2003 suite.

Anyone have any ideas as to what to look at to resolve this?

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Hi EngleHomes,

What are the printers inside your Printers folder? Apart from a physical printer there can be additional program related Printers dumped in to the printers folder.

Best regards

Also appreciate if you can enlighten us on the following.
1. Does this happen to all messages? Or only with certain emails? If its the latter what type of emails?
2. How is your outlook 2003 set up?
3. Do you share your calendar with other users?
Awaiting your reply.
I just ran across the same problem. In my case, the user had checked an option to also print the Taskpad. Turning off that option resolved the issue.

File, print, (Daily Style), page setup, uncheck TaskPad, then print


Sorry all, the issue had to be resolved right away so I ended up deleting and rebuilding the user profile which resolved the issue. However, I will award points to ccimonroe because in further discussions with the user this might possibly have been the issue, although the user wasn't sure.

The above answer resolved this exact issue for a customer I was working with.
Good job!
I resolved this issue by moving the pst files out of ****c:\Documents and Settings\%username%\ Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook**** to another folder and then deleting the rest of the contents of that folder ****c:\Documents and Settings\%username%\ Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook****

Unchecking Taskpad worked for me as well.

ccimonroe solution also work for my case. Thanks
ccimonroe that solution works

2 things to add:
1.It would help to mention that the solution from ccimonroe means to go into the calendar view first.
2. The solution does not work for my Vista Home Premium/Outlook 2003 SP3 installation. I however used the idea from cirrusdesign and found that by deleting
(should be just 1 file)
you can solve this issue as well.

The issue returned after restarting Outlook, the file was re-created automatically. Creating a new mail profile (close Outlook, go to Control Panel\Mail) seems to have fixed it for now.
Always Check Event Logs
In Event logs go to System and check for any error log, mostly you should see the Bad Block errors on Hard Drive. If so Try CHKDSK by going to drive properties and selecting check errors. Then check Automatically fix errors and it will give a popup click Yes and reboot. This fixed my issue.

It just worked for one of my clients perfect!


I had to blow away the Outlook Profile and upon creating it from scratch, everything worked perfectly for me.

We had this problem after a Terminal Services user logged into a laptop (which downloaded their roaming profile to the laptop), used the laptop for Outlook & IE and logged out (which then uploaded the laptop's profile to her roaming profile. When she logged back into the Terminal Server, her Outlook displayed this error when trying to print. Outlook also wouldn't allow us to edit the Account settings. We resolved by simply removing the Profile under Control Panel --> Mail, and re-creating.