locating mac address with vb.net app

Hello experts, i got a request to locate all the mac address on our network, but I am not sure where to start.  I found some sample code using the System.Management namespace.  The problem is where do i get the management namespace, because i cant find it?  I just need the namespace to make it work

Here is some sample code

 Dim mc As System.Management.ManagementClass
      Dim mo As ManagementObject
      mc = New ManagementClass("Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration")
      Dim moc As ManagementObjectCollection = mc.GetInstances()
      For Each mo In moc
         If mo.Item("IPEnabled") = True Then
            ListBox1.Items.Add("MAC address " & mo.Item("MacAddress").ToString())
         End If
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You have to reference the System.Management assembly. Right click on References in your Solution explorer and click Add Reference. System.Management should be in the list.

That said, the Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration will only return entries for the local machine adapters. The only way i know how to retrieve all the MAC addresses on the network is to do PING, or better yet ARP, sweeps across the subnet.
tentavariousAuthor Commented:
Could you elaborate more ARP?  I found the reference so you will be getting the points, I would like a little more info on this subject though, thanks.
Sure thing,

The API is the IPHelper API in Win32. Not sure if there is a .NET equivalent. There are lots of useful networking functions in there, one of which is SendARP.

Basic call:

IPAddr ipAddr = inet_addr (ipToArp);
memset (pulMac, 0xff, sizeof (pulMac));
HRESULT hr = SendARP(ipAddr, 0, pulMac, &ulLen);

Basically, you would just put that in a loop and sweep based on IP/subnet combo (which you could retrieve from the Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration WMI call).

I'll have this code implemented somewhere in a test app. If i can dig it up i'll shoot you a link.


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tentavariousAuthor Commented:
Please shoot me a link if you can find it, thanks.
I found my mini-project that I did a while back. Took me a bit to get it back up into running condition. It still needs a few changes but it's in decent shape now.

You can find it here:
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