.Navigate method isn't working


I'm absolutely lost as to the current problem I've run into.  I have a AxWebBrowser.  It works fine, except that the .Navigate function only seems to work the first time that my from loads.  I initially call a sub call LoadData which tells the Browser to open a file.  Any subsequent calls to that function do not seem to get the browser to do anything!

Here is my code:

        If task.getInfo(CStr(cmbInventory.SelectedValue)) = True AndAlso bDoneLoad = True Then
                wbInfo.Navigate(getAppDir() & "Info\info.html#" & CStr(cmbInventory.SelectedValue))
            Catch ex As Exception
            End Try
        End If

A few notes, cause I'm sure you'll ask...  Stepping through the code, the wbInfo.Navigate gets executed, and no exception is raised.  This has always worked for me before.  All of a sudden today it quit working.  I didn't change any of the code!!

The only thing that I can think of is that I did install the new "Microsoft Expression Interactive Designer January 2006 CTP" today.  I'm not sure if that is interfering, but the code executes fine on other machines.

Has anyone run into this?

Any ideas?


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melmersSenior Software Deveolper/ArchitectCommented:
Have you tried to uncomment the wbinfo.Update function ?
jake072Author Commented:

I had just added that in, in hopes that it would remedy the problem.

melmersSenior Software Deveolper/ArchitectCommented:
have you updated your Internetexplorer ?
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jake072Author Commented:
Yes, I updated to IE 7 Beta... But the problem didn't arise after that installation...

melmersSenior Software Deveolper/ArchitectCommented:
Have you updated your references to the ActiveX file?
jake072Author Commented:
I have a macros that updates the references, and I ran it...

Is there a manual way to update the references?  I tried removing the reference to SHDocVw, but then I couldn't figure out how to get the reference to AxSHDocVw back...


melmersSenior Software Deveolper/ArchitectCommented:
Hi Jake,

delete the Refrence from your Project and delete the file Interop.AxSHDoc... from you bin files.
Add the Referenc from your Add Reference Dialog or insert the WebBrowser Component from the
Form Components Toolbar of your Visual Studio
jake072Author Commented:
That still didn't change anything... And I've deleted everything that I'd installed since the problem started...

Does anyone else have any ideas?


jake072Author Commented:
Un-installing IE 7 fixed the problem.

Sorry for wasting your time :)

melmersSenior Software Deveolper/ArchitectCommented:
No Problem,

have no IE 7 installed.

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