Prevent users from opening files from the server?

I have 20 Mac users who frequent my 2003 NAS via SMB connection.  If they mistakenly open the file directly off the server, their Photoshop and Illustrator applications bring the server to its knees.

They SHOULD be staging files to their workstation and working locally.  When complete, they should be copied back.

This is probably too much to ask for....Any possibility of preventing them from executing the file and only allowing a copy?

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I think the only way you are going to be able to get away with something like that is to use an FTP or web share.

I don't know of a way to limit NTFS permissions like that.

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oceansupportAuthor Commented: about a punishment device. IE, a big hammer that comes out and smashes their fingers?
hmm if you figure out the big hammer thing, send it this way, got a few users who will be taking a beating

The Cleaner is right though, NTFS cant control to this extent
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If you want punishment, keep a few Windows for Workgroups emulators around, and when they screw up give them those for a week.  Heck just give them a PC, the mac users will hate you then for sure...
oceansupportAuthor Commented:
Cleaner LMAO!!!
hahah Toushe!!!!
oh comon there had to be some sort of sufficient punishment in there somewhere!!!!

you wanna close this off?

I look and see 15 emails from EE this morning...half were because Jay_Jay is asking people to close
Thanks for the points!
yeah i figured if people were spending the time trying to help others out, then it would be nice to simply have some questions closed. we dont seem to have anyone who does cleanup for 2003 either :(

i thought your MAC answer was better :)
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