Best practice: Disabled mail box. to move or not to move.


I'm migrating my mailboxes (still) from old server to new server.
apparently, I can't migrate the mailboxes of accounts that are disabled (i have reason for not deleting the mailboxes).

what is best practice for those mailboxes?  
Do i just leave them on the older server store?
or do I reactive the accounts and then move them over?

ASSUME that both servers are going to continue to run, just the new server becomes the primary.

Please advise what the best practices are.
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If you have a reason for not deleting the mailboxes then they will have to go across.
I presume that you have hidden them from the global address book? If so, then simply enable them again, move the mailbox and then disable. That is all I do.


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phileocaAuthor Commented:
that's exactly what I was thinking.  Since I'm pretty much self taught, I thought I would ask.
p.s. your website is a very good read.  I learn tons of stuff.  :-)
I am glad someone is making use of it. I get 2500 visitors a day and about 2 comments a month!

phileocaAuthor Commented:
:-) i'm usually on your site on average 2-3 days a week reading different articles.
as for the other 2498 visitors, they probably don't know that the site belongs to you.
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