stopping outlook from creating duplicate personal folders

Hi. I am using Outlook 2003 on my Windows based machine. I am constantly finding that Outlook reduplicates its Personal Folder, so that I have two (and sometimes even three) sets of Personal folders. It is not possible to close or delete the redundant ones. I know how to fix the problem: by creating a new mail profile, etc. What is bothering me is that this just keeps happening again and again. What is causing this to occur and is there any solution to prevent its reoccurence. Thanks so much!
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When you say that Outlook reduplicates it's personal folder, is it in the same name??? if not how are the names appearing?

What is your environment like? is it a pop account downloading from a webmail account etc, etc?

Had you tried moving your personal folder to a different location other than the default location?

Is Outlook 2003 up to date?

Hope I havent become a bother but it will help to have this info fo all of us.

Hello ravdantien,

you could try something like
- choose File | Data File Management | remove all personal folders you don't want

andif a new mail profile is the solution can youmaybe retrace the steps which gets you into this each time? are you maybe importing / exporting pst files between computers or something else?

hope this helps a bit
ravdantienAuthor Commented:
Thanks for you responses

In answer to these two questions:

1. The personal folders are the same name.
2. I'm using a POP account out of earthlink
3. My pst file is in another directory already other than the default
4. I believe Outlook 2003 is fully up-to-date

5. If I go into Data File Management, there is only one personal folder (and one mail profile). The Personal Folder (and all subfolders) reduplicate in Outlook's folder list. There is no indication of this elsewhere. Again, if I go into Mail from the Control Panel folder and remove my present email profile and create a new one, the problem goes away - but only temporarily. It does reappear (and once there were three iterations of my Personal Folders tree.
6. I AM SYNCING Outlook between my laptop and my desktop. I am using a program called Easy2sync. It resides on my desktop. The problem I'm experiencing seems only to occur on the desktop. I can't seem to tell whether the reduplication occurs after a sync or not.
7. I did recently copy my pst file from my desktop to my laptop.

Any ideas??
One option, I suppose, is to live with it and just ignore the extra personal folder(s)...........

Thanks for any further help!
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ravdantienAuthor Commented:
Another observation:

If I right click on either of the two Personal Folder icons in the Outlook folder list and the click properties, an then hit the "advanced" button, I get an error box:

The operation failed. An object could not be found.

Hope that provides a clue.

after reading again it could also be a problem with your sync application and your profile

- close outlook
- before doing anything on the registry make a backup of it
- next open the registry with regedit on the start|run commandline
- look for this key
- HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-35785*****-**********-**********-****\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Messaging subsystem\Profile
- stars will be numbers - different on each machine
- close the registry
- restart outlook
- enter the new profile name
- close outlook
- replace the pst
- start outlook see if that helps
:) i have no objection but after reading my comment i realize forgot a step > 7

1. close outlook
2. before doing anything on the registry make a backup of it
3. next open the registry with regedit on the start|run commandline
4. look for this key
5. HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-35785*****-**********-**********-****\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Messaging subsystem\Profile
6. stars will be numbers - different on each machine
7. delete the key
8. close the registry
9. restart outlook
10. enter the new profile name
11. close outlook
12. replace the pst
13. start outlook see if that helps

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