Lotus Domino v6.03 upgrade to v7.0

I've got an old server running Lotus Domino Server v6.03, and want to upgrade it to Lotus Domino Server v7.0.

In addition I want to replace the hardware, and upgrade the operating system to RHEL 4.0 (from RH 7.2)

I can happily install the RHEL, and the fresh install of the v7.0 server, but I want to transfer all of the data (including certificates/accounts etc.)

The Server is not used for anything too complicated. It runs the mail, a corporate address book, bookings for various conference rooms (effectively a user for each room), and 3 or 4 fairly simple databases. I have the following questions:

1.       What is the easiest way to transfer all of the data and templates over to the new system? Must I avoid overwriting the new (v7.0) templates?

2.       Do I need to convert any of the data prior to the transfer? Most of the databases are in R5 format, but a few are in R4 - Do I need to convert them and if so howdo I do that?

My linux skills are very strong, but I'm relatively new to Lotus and the 'frame of mind' required to appreciate it!, so detail in any explaination is welcome, along with highlighting of any percieved pitfalls!

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pjedmondAuthor Commented:
Obviosly the databases containing the ACL, certificates and anything else required by the users needs to be transferred as well. I am not too worried about time required to do the transfer as I can work part way through the upgrade and stop, (leaving the current server running), however the final transfer of data must be possible in a 12 overnight period.
pjedmondAuthor Commented:
I ought to mention that I've worked my way through:


on the lotus website.
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pjedmondAuthor Commented:
Thankyou - that one looks extremely useful!

Any other useful links and pointers are always welcome - in particular the fact that I'm trying to upgrade and then transfer. Perhaps I should just transfer to the new PC, and then upgrade?

I generally, Install the OS on the new machine,

Create a data direcory similar to what was on the older machine,  and transfer all the data over.

Then I install the new Notes version, pointing to the exising data directory.

This does any updating needed.

The new machine generally has a different name and IP than the old.

After all is tested and working, I change the Server ID and IP to use the old ( After the old is shut down, or renamed ).

If you do not need to keep the exisiting name and IP, then you can skip this step.

I hope this helps !

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pjedmondAuthor Commented:
Am attempting the upgrade this week - will let you know how it goes.
pjedmondAuthor Commented:
marilyng's input was useful, however, SysExpert's solution was the one we went for. I have to be impressed with the Lotus Domino Server installer. Everything is not quite where it needs to be, but the system is up and working! I'll no doubt be asking further Qs later on.

Thankyou for your input:)
No problem, I generally follow sysExpert's logic, too.  I didn't want to repeat her suggestion since it was valid.  The IBM guide is helpful, too.
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