Avaya 5610 and Cisco VPN

Hello all,

I am trying to connect an Avaya 5610 phone at my home office.  Here is my configurations...


Avaya IP Office 406 connected to internet Via T1 through a Cisco 1841 router.  I have configured a site to site VPN between this router and the router at my home office.  The IP Office unit has been configured with an IP on my LAN.  Manager is running on a windows 2003 server.


Avaya 5610 IP Phone connected to internet via SBC Dynamic DSL through a Cisco 1710 VPN router.  I have configured a site to site VPN between this router and the router at my office.

Avaya 5610:

IP= IP address on my home LAN
CallSv= LAN1 IP address for IP Office (Configured with gatekeeper on)
CallSvPort= 1719
Router= IP address of LAN interface on cisco 1710 (Home Router)
Mask= SNM of LAN on cisco 1710 (Home Router)
FileSv= LAN IP address for PC on remote server running Manager
802.1Q= Off

When I start the phone, it will connect to the TFTP server, download and install scripts, auto create and extension in manager and then it hangs on "Discover X.X.X.X" where X.X.X.X is the IP address of the IP Office unit.  Here is the output from the IP Office monitor...

  493892mS PRN: Recv: GatekeeperRequest 0a0a0a05
  498879mS PRN: Recv: GatekeeperRequest 0a0a0a05
  504558mS PRN: Recv: GatekeeperRequest 0a0a0a05
  504603mS PRN: Recv: GatekeeperRequest 0a0a0a05
  509583mS PRN: Recv: GatekeeperRequest 0a0a0a05
  514569mS PRN: Recv: GatekeeperRequest 0a0a0a05

From home, I can ping all LAN IP addresses at office exept that of the IP Office unit.  From the office, I can ping the IP phone and all other LAN addresses at home.

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Rob WilliamsCommented:
>>"I can ping all LAN IP addresses at office exept that of the IP Office unit"
My knowledge of these systems is pretty limited, but the above tweaked my interest.
Any chance in the IP Office 406 configuration you have not configured the gateway for the subnet. i.e under IP Route in the Configuration Manager console, have you added  a route for the subnet of your home LAN and the local gateway, such as:
 IP Address              IP Mask              Gateway                      Destination                      LAN1
hm phn subnet  home phn mask    IP Office local gateway
I am not referring to a DOS route add command but withing the IP Office configuration.

Just a thought.

Also the office and home networks should be on different subnets, but based on description above I assume this is the case.

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GarryWilmethAuthor Commented:
You rock!  I can't believe I forgot that..  Thanks!!
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Glad to hear it worked for you.
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