Robot.txt files

Can I make certain folders off limits to search engines with a robot.txt file? And If I can block certain folders and files from being indexed how do I write the code to go in the notepad file?

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yes you can use the following and replace parts with the folders you need.

use the following link


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Ashish ThakkarWebsite Designer & SEO ConsultantCommented:
User-agent: *
Disallow: /cgi-bin/
Disallow: /reports/
Disallow: /fulldownloads/

These directories will be disallowed.

You can save this in robots.txt and upload it.

The best thing about robots.txt is you can learn from example and there is no restriction.

Example if you wish to see microsoft's robots file visit , if you wish to see EE's robots.txt file visit

It's great that you ask this question because google sitemaps now has a great robots.txt analysis tool. This tool first appeared a couple weeks ago and is pretty much what you expect from google, something nice that works right. If you sign up to google sitemaps (you don't even need to create a sitemap by the way to see your site's statistics, you only need to place a verification file and your good to go) you will be able to verify any robots.txt files associated with your domain name.

For more information on this visit:

With this tool you will be able to know exactly how most search engine spiders will react to your instructions, which is way better then trial and error from the old days.

Hope this helps
I also too spotted that on mattcuts blog, very usefull too I thought.

Worth a look in.
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