Hyperthreading on W2K Server

In a whitepaper published by Brian Madden ("Terminal Server Performance Tuning") he states that:

"Whether you should enable Hyperthreading in a Terminal Server environment depends on
which operating system you’re using. At the time of this writing, enabling Hyperthreading on
Windows 2000 servers causes stability problems and actually decreases the overall performance
of the system."

The whitepaper is dated August 2003 and dealt with mostly Metaframe XP.

Just curious if anyone thinks this still (or ever did) have any merit.  He doesn't go into a lot of detail as to why but I know he is quite the TS guru so I'm inclined to believe him.  I do have some servers with hyperthreading enabled and don't know of any stability issues, but I was wondering about the performance.
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Well I don't know if you were looking at this article, but Brian Madden has two notes on hyperthreading here.  Basically hyperthreading hurts performance on W2K Terminal Service and helps performance on W2K3.


Search for the Word hyperthreading.

Here is some more information compiled on Hyperthreading:


I'd keep listing, but if you search google with "citrix hyperthreading" you'll get a ton of hits.

It appears the best way to figure it out is to test it in your own environment.

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mgcITAuthor Commented:
thanks for the reply... It seems to be an interesting subject.  Any opinion for your environments?  Have you done any performance testing?
In our environment we have always left Hyperthreading on.  Is it optimal for our environment, I don't know since we've never tested with it on / with it off.

My environment vs. your environment will obviously vary.  Unless your clients are reporting issues or your trying to push your servers to the MAX, I don't know if disabling Hyperthreading will really make that much difference.

We had planned on testing this, but are currently moving everything to W2K3/Citrix 4.0 and from what I've read there is no issue in the W2K3 environment with Hyperthreading.

Maybe other people on this board have some experience with this.
mgcITAuthor Commented:
I guess nobody else is going to post... thanks for the input.
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