Uninstalling/Installing Keyboard Dell Inspiron 5150

I got a new keyboard from another user of the same laptop.  My current keyboard, the left control key broke off.  The one I just got is missing the place to put a screw in (third from left).

In this diagram:


Am I safe installing the new keyboard with the missing screw hold or should I remove the left control key off the new board and put it on the original keyboard?
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I wouldn't think it would hurt anything to install it, but you might want to call dell and confirm the part number on the keyboard to verify that it is the correct one for your model.
famousnametakensomewhereAuthor Commented:
It's the correct one.  Dell customer service is slow, horrible, and never solves my problems because most of their reps don't speak english as a first language and it is difficult to converse with them about certain matters.  Plus they go by guidines, they are not experts, that's why I posted this here.  

Does someone know of a manual/directions of how to take off an actual key to the dell 5150 keyboard and to install it back on the keyboard?
even if they aren't "experts", they have access to databases of part numbers that I do not =).
As far as I know the key would just pop off and pop back on, but there's a risk of breaking it when you pop it off...
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famousnametakensomewhereAuthor Commented:
I went ahead with my decision to keep the original keyboard in and just scrap keys off the new one as a spare.  

(It'd be interesting to debate how good dell's reliability and help is.  6 months ago the warranty on this dell laptop was up and two weeks after the warranty was up my motherboard took a dump on me.  I tried to see if they'd help me out.  They offered $400 to repair it.  I hung up.  Then they called me back and offered me $300 + expenses for any other part they might need to replace.  "Might need to replace" HA! then I'd probably be hung out to dry for another 200-300 plus the $300 for switching the motherboard.  Many people have told me the most expensive part on a laptop is the motherboard.  I believe if I had sent it in they would just take my hard drive out, put it in a refurbished 5150 and send it back then charge me probably more than half of what I paid for it.  No thanks :P).
Zuhir ElgmatiApplications and Systems AdministratorCommented:
Yes,, Laptop keyboards = eBay.

The missing screw mounting tab won't matter.
The other three screws will be enough.

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famousnametakensomewhereAuthor Commented:

Did you actually read the question?


Thank you for your answer.  I decided however to use the keyboard with only 3 screw holds as a spare to get keys off it, I replaced the left control with one of those keys on the original motherboard.  But if it came down to it and I needed to use the spare keyboard then I'll know that using it with 3/4 screw holds will still be fine.  Thank you.

(I did figure out how to "pop" and "unpop" the keys from the boards, just curious if anyone found directions on how to do that.)  I will split points, but whoever finds directions on removing the actual keys will get the full points, no splitting ;)
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