Microsoft Office PowerPoint hangs on startup...

Hi folks,
I have a problem with my Office PowerPoint as follows;
Whenever I open my PowerPoint presentations it takes them a long time to load all the slides as if the application is frozen. During this time if I click on my slides or try to scroll down, the message "(Not Responding)" will appear on my title bar. If I close the file at this point I should use "END NOW" to close my file. I have sent the error afterward to Microsoft and they have replied that this problem will be fixed by applying Office Updates but I have installed all available updates and there is no Update available for my product (neither for my OS). If I wait to pass that delay, after a while my PowerPoint will open the file but what I see in the actual page view is not what is in the slides. Drawings are being missed and the weird thing is that I can see those drawings in the slides panel in a smaller size, for example I can see the table and lines--which actually exit and have been drawn--in the slides panel but they don't show up in the actual page view. If I draw something in the page view I can see the result in the slides panel in a smaller scale but it disappears from the actual page view. I also thought it might be a memory issue; I changed my RAM and reduced it to just one stick of 512 MB which didn't help. Please let me know if you have any idea of what's going on because I'm out of idea. My Office product is 2003 with latest updates and service pack 2. My OS is Windows XP SP2 with latest updates. My Hardware is Intel P4 dual channel memory, I had 2 GB RAM in 2 channels, I changed them. Now I have two sticks of brand new Mushkin 512 MB in channel A.
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Hello e009821,

you could try a few things
- lower your hardware acceleration in the control panel
- are you having any addin or av plugins running, try to disable them and see if that makes a difference
source: for specific instrux.
- if you are using files from a network try to copy them first to the local drive see if that helps
- not sure if you're using winxp or another OS but check for missing network drives;en-us;825826&Product=winxp

hope this helps a bit

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e009821Author Commented:

Hi bruintje,

Thank you so much for your fast reply;
You got me one step closer to the solution. I was just messing with my computer (now 1:00 a.m. Chicago time!) because I badly need this for my school. Anyhow, I had thought about plugins and these Norton av files and even my RAM but what I never took to account was hardware acceleration. You got it, but check what happened. I slid it to “None” (i.e. far left) and then restarted and opened my presentation. Three of my slides (out of 11) loaded very fast such that I jumped up and said, "Yup, it works..." but then again it stopped :( but now if I leave it for a while (few minutes) it will load all slides and every thing i.e. all drawings and every thing is there--in the slide pannel and in the actual page view--but the delay to open my files will drive me nuts! Now we know where the problem lies. Do you have any further suggestions or something? And let me remind you that disabling this hardware acceleration seems to have slowed down many other things though!! Right now that I write these lines I feel my screen has slowed down (or maybe it's just my feeling??!) So what is the cause of this? Shall I buy a better graphic card?

looking at this advice from Steve Rindsberg (
It generally means that the video driver claims that the video card (or chipset in the case of laptops/on-board video, same diff) can do something that it really can't quite handle.  Setting back the video simply asks Windows to handle things in a more generic but reliable fashion.  

I doubt it'll have a huge impact on other apps (other than preventing screen corruption when THEY access the same feature that caused the problem here).  
the mention of trying to get a new driver for the card could also help in this matter
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e009821Author Commented:
Thanks for your reply bruintje.
OK. For everyone's information (and also future use for others), this is what I have done so far and what I have gained:

1- Hardware acceleration (Desktop-Properties-Settings-Advanced-Troubleshoot) has been slid to the far left i.e. "None".
2- Officeav.dll (Norton antivirus plug-in which slows down file start up process through scanning) has been unregistered through (Run: regsvr32 /u "path-to-officeav.dll")
3- No plug-in is running in my Office product.
4- Display adapter (Video card) driver has been updated (Step 1: Search and download updates on-line, Step 2: Device manager-Display adapters-Properties-Driver-Update or equivalently run the executable file)
5- I also updated my monitor driver (What the heck, perhaps it helps!) (Desktop-Properties-Settings-Advanced-Monitor-Properties-Driver of course after search-and-download)
6- Under the same tab as part five, refresh rate of the screen has been set to the minimum, i.e. 60 Hz.

My system info:
Integrated (on-board) Intel 82915G Express Chipset display adapter on an Intel D915GEV P4 3.2 GHz dual channel motherboard.
Acer AL1912 monitor.
Display adapter driver update: 11-8-2005.
Office product: 2003 professional latest service packs and updates on a Windows XP SP2 platform.

When my PowerPoint file opens, two to three slides out of eleven load fast and then it hangs. It takes it from 1 minute 20 seconds up to 3 minutes :( :( Pfff Ahhh to load the rest of the file. When the entire file is loaded all graphics will show up the same both in the page view and slide panel and can be edited with no problem (hopefully with no problem, if nothing else occurs in future!)

Any further helps or ideas would greatly be appreciated since I'm not that much patient to wait 3 minutes each time I want to open my files and I might eventually break something while getting mad!!
thanks for posting all your info that will certainly be of help to others!

if you open a new presentation and save it empty, i assume it does load normally
what if you copy some slides of your current presentation to the new empty one

maybe you could track thsi doewn to certain slides that contain controls or images that take a while to load
e009821Author Commented:
Thank you bruintje for your comments, your troubleshooting method in your last comment shows what a good understanding of computer science you have.
However, what I forgot to mention was that this file and my other presentations do open normally on other computers at school, i.e. there is no doubt this is a hardware issue not a software problem. I was hoping that someone will suggest a hardware solution which can save me of buying a new graphic card which unfortunately during the past days no one has added any comment to this. I will accept your first reply as the solution but of course the problem persists as I have explained in my last comment and it seems that there is no option left for me rather than putting some money for a new graphic card. I bought this advanced Intel motherboard a year ago and I couldn't believe it would cause me trouble within a year! Anyhow it seems that if this hardware acceleration problem persists, there will be no option rather than a hardware update.
Thank you for helping me through this.
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