how to transfer read/write attribute to win32 api


I have C# and C++ programs and I am using memory mapping to interact between them.
I use WinAPi from both programs. Now I cannot write from C# program to the memory file, although I can read what has been written from c++ program.
I STRONGLY suspect that the problem is that I simply give a wrong number as an argument for read/write permissions in C# program.
In C++ it is simple, the API is used straight, e.g.
                        FILE_MAP_ALL_ACCESS, // read/write permission
In C# I obviously cannot use FILE_MAP_ALL_ACCESS or PAGE_READWRITE

so I use int, e.g.

internal static extern IntPtr MapViewOfFile(IntPtr handle, uint r_w_access, uint offset_h, uint offset_low, uint size);

and I simply send number 4 or 2 as r_w_access. I don't know why these spesific numbers (found somewhere on the Internet).
So my question is - there should be a more reliable way to pass access parameter from C# to WinAPI functions. What is it?

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I can't help You much, but provide You with a link...

Did You have a look at:

The link for MapViewOfFile is:

...maybe they can help You a bit.

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ole111Author Commented:
I love Microsoft. The answer to my problem is this:

In CreateFileMapping the write access parameter is from enum PageProtection : uint {
   ReadWrite =    0x04,
In OpenFileMapping and in MapViewOfFile the wrtite access parameter is
const UInt32 SECTION_MAP_WRITE = 0x0002;
const UInt32 SECTION_MAP_READ = 0x0004;

Many are simply not aware of that, hence the confusion.
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