Creating a Template ?


I would like to create a form in outlook (much like a web contact us form)

Ideally I would then like this information saved to a template which would live on the user hard drive.

Double click this template would then invoke an new email message would present the users with a form all ready to be filled in.

I’ve had some success in trying to do this however the forms are always in a editable form?

Any help appreciated.

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David LeeCommented:
Greetings, andyw27.

> however the forms are always in a editable form
Sorry, but I don't follow what you mean.  Can you explain?

andyw27Author Commented:

I have gone through the process on creating a form, then publishing it, however the receipient only ever sees a blank email, with no sign of any of the form controls (command buttons, labels, etc...)

David LeeCommented:
Where did you publish it to?  Is the recipient able to see that location?  Did you check the option to send the form definition with the item?
andyw27Author Commented:

I saved it a template file.

I can send the email to myself and it appears fine, however when I send it to anyone else all they see is a blank email ?
David LeeCommented:
Saving as a template isn't publishing, which is what you said you'd done in your response to my initial question.  I'd liek to help, but to do so I need to know if we're talking about a published form or a template.  If it's a published form, then I need the answers to the other two questions I asked.

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