run c c++ and JAVA in suse liinux

Hi I ahve installed Suse Linux 9.1 and waneted to run c, c++ programs.

How do i do it. Do thses comilers come inbuilt with suse linux or i have to install anything?

and whcih editor to use?

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It depends. Have you installed gcc? Have you installed a Java Development Kit?
Now to my knowledge you have to go to sun and download the Java stuff from there.

The gcc stuff should be on you CD.
type gcc in a bash shell and see if you get some output.

Now which editor to use.
It's a matter of taste. Assuming you did not have used neither vi nor emacs before you migh check out
- Anjuta (if you are a Gnome, GTK+ guy)
- Kdevelop if you are a C++, KDE QT guy

If you plan going mostly for Java Eclipse is not the worst choice:

Be warned however this is a mammoth download.

However all this may be overkill especially Anjuta is IMHO a terrible thing. It installe all all the autoconfigure+automake stuff and for getting to a point to compile a simple "Hello World" it needs on a AMD 64 bit with 2400 MHz here around 20 sec. This is terrible wast of time IMHO.


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