Adding Enabled Property to a ListViewItem

I have a list view and need certain items within that view to be disabled, ie grayed out and the check value cannot be changed.

I created a new class called ExtListViewItem which inherits ListViewItem. All it does it change the forecolor of the text to gray if enabled is set to false:

Public Class ExtListViewItem
    Inherits ListViewItem

    Private _Enabled As Boolean

    Public Property Enabled() As Boolean
            Enabled = _Enabled
        End Get
        Set(ByVal Value As Boolean)
            _Enabled = Value
            If _Enabled = False Then
                Me.ForeColor = Color.Gray
                Me.ForeColor = Color.Black
            End If
        End Set
    End Property

End Class

Now I need to stop the check event from firing if enabled is set to false on the ListView. The only event I can find to override that relates to the checking is:

Protected Overrides Sub OnItemCheck(ByVal ice As System.Windows.Forms.ItemCheckEventArgs)

I can't work out how to do it with this event. It's almost like you need a OnBeforeItemCheck.

Does anyone know how I can achive this?
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if Not _Enabled then
   ice.NewValue = CheckState.Unchecked
End if

Does that work?

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jofesAuthor Commented:
Thanks that helped me sort it, don't know why I wasn't thinking straight :-)

The onItemCheck event is actually on ListView and not ListViewItem so overrode it as follows:

    Protected Overrides Sub OnItemCheck(ByVal ice As System.Windows.Forms.ItemCheckEventArgs)
            If CType(Me.Items.Item(ice.Index), ExtListViewItem).Enabled = False Then
                ice.NewValue = CheckState.Checked
            End If
        Catch ex As Exception

        End Try
    End Sub

I wanted disabled items to checked, as they are mandatory. Thanks for the help

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