problem with parsing xml with these jars: xercesImpl.jar and xml-apis.jar


after parsing the xml file I`m getting a Document object:

DocumentBuilder db =.....................
doc = db.parse(new StringBufferInputStream(source.toString()), url);  // source had the xml as string and the uri is set to the dtd directory

sposse this is the xml

     <one  name="first">
              <bbb value="4"/>

after doing the parse command somthing amazing happend:

it adding the bbb tag another attribute ( ligal one that mention in the dtd file) although I don`t need it now.
I remind you that Imust work with xercesImpl.jar and xml-apis.jar

how could I slove it ?
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zzynxSr. Software engineerCommented:
would you be so kind as to close (or react in) some of your old open questions?
>>it adding the bbb tag another attribute

What attribute?
aquaswAuthor Commented:
at the dtd there is serval of attributes that could be at this kind of tag.

after the parsing the bbb tag looks like:

<bbb secondvalue=".." value="4"/>

I don`t need the "secondvalue" attribute  , and didn`t add it to the bbb tag, but after the parsing it appears.
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Can you post the dtd?
aquaswAuthor Commented:
      value CDATA #REQUIRED
      secondvalue (yes | no) "no"
Don't know about this one i'm afraid
aquaswAuthor Commented:
well I think that  it goes over the dtd and add attributes acording to it.
The question is how could I prevent it ?
You can prevent it, because you specified this attribute in the DTD file. The "secondevalue" is always present as your DTD definition. You can modify your DTD like this:
     value CDATA #REQUIRED
     secondvalue #IMPLIED
The attribute secondvalue is OPTIONAL now, just use it when needed.
Hope this may help.

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