Commandlines and finding irssi usernames and realnames

Hi !

I have been trying to make 'ircusers' -file which contains few commandlines. Commandline -file shoud list all current users which are using irssi software from system's process list. And each user should be listed only ONCE. So print layout should be like this:

Login: mharriga Name: Mike Harrigan
Login: ahoobler Name: Andrew Hoobler
and so on.

I have tried few hours and I haven't got it work. Here is what I have now:

for names in " "; do ps -au | grep irssi | cut -d" " -f1 | sort -u; finger $names; done
echo 'Login: ';
cut -d" " -f1
echo 'Name: ';
cut -d" " -f2
echo '\n';

I don't now how to combine those commands and get them work, if I am even close. Help?

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exciiAuthor Commented:
And that gives be some errors too, but lists still all user's I think. I have been using bash.

If someone could help and maybe do it from start to end, my way could be stupid or something?

ps -ef | grep sh | awk '{print $1}' | finger -fs | awk '{print "Login:" $1 "   Name:" $2 "  " $3}' > filename

I am using SCO Unix. You will have to give appropriate command line parameters for ps and finger.

finger -s: forces short output
          -f: suppresses header
grep sh ==> grep irssi

Was testing with sh!
Forgot one condition

> And each user should be listed only ONCE
ps -ef | grep irssi | awk '{print $1}' | sort | uniq | finger -fs | awk '{print "Login:" $1 "   Name:" $2 "  " $3}' > filename

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