Embed an add-in into an powerpoint presentation

I have an add-in that I wrote and I would like to embed the add-in into a presentation so that I don't have to distribute the add-in seperatly to make my powerpoint presentation work.

I don't want the user to have to add the add-in manually, I want to add it to a presentation, they download the presentation, and the add-in is now there.  Possibly just for that presentation.

Let me know if you need more information.

PowerPoint 2003
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Hello gillgates,

could be wrong on this, but AFAIK you cannot embed a ppa into a ppt, besides it would compromise the security of the receiving end

i think the only way is to distribute them together in one small folder and link the addin to the presentation
if you need to protect your code make it into a com dll but then you need Office Developer or VB6

hope this helps a bit

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gillgatesAuthor Commented:

Would you happen to know how to add a toolbar to a powerpoint document, so that when you open that document, you have the toolbar, but when you open others, you don't?
Hi gillgates,
I have the same ssue with a Plug in that I use to show flassh animations on PPT files
and definitely bruintje  is on the right track
what does your plugin do?


I don't think it's possible to have a toolbar display yes or no, depending on what presentation you open.



and finally
How can I get my code to run automatically when a presentation opens?

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