Can't browse domain's network neighborhood and find the Server!

We have a Domain composed of 15 workstations. 13 conect to the Windows 2000 SP4 Domain controller via ethernet and 2 thru a wireless bridge. Fourteen of the PC's are XP Pro SP2 and one is W2K SP4.
The server has 2 nics: 1 for the windows LAN and a second for a SCO-Unix network. They are being routed via RRAS. The Windows NIC is set as the primary card thru Advanced TCP/IP properties.

When browsing the Network Neighborhood from the 2000 server, all workstations show up and issuing a "net view" command results in a listing of the same PC's. However if the browsing is initiated from any of the workstations, the browser will only display the domain name. Attempting to go futher up the tree results in "You may not have permission ..." error.
Issuing a "net view" command from the workstations results in a Error 6118.

The XP Pro SP2 firewalls are open for both TCP and UDP ports 135 thru 139.

If I do a "browstat status" command from the server console I get "browsing is not available on domain" for the "Unix" NIC and "Browsing is available on Domain" for the MS NIC. The only hair raiser is that the name of the card for the MS NIC is in symbols like hearts, spades, other non-ASCII stuff.

Is my problem likely a bad NIC?

This is driving me batty.......

Oh yeah,  If I add ipx to all workstations and the server, I CAN brows all the workstations and do not get a "6118" from "net view" but the Server still doesn't show up.

HELP Help help I'm going down for the third time on this one ;-)

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What happens if you disable the XP firewall on a test client?  Everything the same still?

I doubt it is a bad nic if it is happening to all the workstations including the 2000 workstation.

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network neighbourhood works on the netbios protocol, check your config to make sure that netbios is enabled
entre-tcvAuthor Commented:
All workstations and the Server are set for netbios over TCP/IP. Thanks Jay_Jay70

Disabling the firewall makes no difference. The only thing that made any difference was adding the ipx/spx protocol and associated netbui. If the firewall's were the problem do you think they would allow ipx traffic and block the tcp/ip traffic? Also the 2000 workstation doesn't have the XP firewall to deal wuith.

Of course that also adds 2x's as much internet-working traffic.

The reason I am concerned about the NIC in the server is the garbaged name that shows up in browstat status.

Anybody got a thought on that?
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Well, I would definitely say that the server is the culprit...

Could you possibly swap NICs and set everything back with the same IP address, etc.?  Or maybe just add a second nic in the server, then disable the first one and setup the new one like the first one (you'll need to change the first one to DHCP if you want to use the same static IP).

That would at least rule out a faulty NIC as you say.
entre-tcvAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the quick response, TheCleaner.

The problem is a little deepen cause of the RRAS setup. I have had some issues before "duplicating" those settings after changing NIC's. Must be tied to MAC address in the registry???? There are two NICs already in ther, remember, one for the Unix subnet and the other for the MS subnet and it's the RRAS routing that worrys me too.

Are you aware of what I might run into given that re-definition?

I would test it "off hours".  Add another PCI nic into it, and "duplicate" the IP settings on the MS subnet NIC.

Then reboot the server, and see if you can browse the network, etc.  Don't worry about setting up the RRAS stuff again on this NIC.

Then change back to the original NIC and make sure everything is still functioning correctly (or at least back to where you are now).

That would at least tell you if it is the NIC.

(I would also be careful about backing up the server prior to this...I'm really not sure what kind of issues you could possibly run into by changing the NIC out with the RRAS setup...)

P.S.  if it does work then you may be bold enough to redo the RRAS setup, but again, it may be best to revert back first, and figure out a good gameplan.

entre-tcvAuthor Commented:
I will consider that option tonight after hours and get back to this thread tomorrow.
been a long time on this one, any luck, can you finalise this question

if someone resolved for you then accept and answer if not and you solved yourself

just paste a 0 point pointer Q in community support asking for this to be closed with your reasons

make sure you include the url to this page
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