2 gateways to the internet and a problem.

Hi all,
in our network there are 2 gateways to the internet. One is through the proxy and the other is through the router. Proxy do all kind of filtering and router is for remote management(vpn server) and for some special users.

the ip conf. is :proxy:  router:
when a remote user makes a vpn connection he gets 192.168.1.x type of ip. So he is not in the same subnet with our lan. If the gateway of a lan server/computer is the router everything is fine since router knows the route from 192.168.0.x to 192.168.1.x but if the gateway is teh proxy (which most users have) i cant connect to these computers because proxy doesnt know how to route it back to the vpn client.

In the proxy application i added a static route telling it to send every request that is targetted for 192.168.1.x to the router but it doesnt seem to be working.

What should i do here? Here is an example scenerio: i do the vpn connection and get the ip and trying to connect a server whose ip is with gateway pointing the proxy which is

And is there a way to see the static routes defined on the computer?
thanks in advance
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How about adding the static tour to to the server @ (and other servers that need to be accesible through the VPN)


route add -p mask

You can view the routing table with 'route print'

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e106199Author Commented:
this is an option but its not only the servers i m trying to route. Its all computers for remote control or file sharing.
That is why i tried doing it on the proxy side.
thank you
If you can't fix the proxy, you dont really have a choice :(

You can use DHCP to add the route to client computers - so its no biggie.
or stick it in a logon script
e106199Author Commented:
how do you use dhcp to add the route?
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