OCX Used for 2 different apps only found by 1 app

I have an OCX control that I have installed with Program1.  Program1 works fine, the ocx resides in the same directory as Program1 and Program1 is able to display the ocx control I am using.

I now have a Program2 that would like to use the same ocx but Program2 is located in a completely different directory structure than program1.  Even though the ocx was previously registred properly and works fine for Program1, Program2 is never able to find it.

Can you please explain why this happens and how I can resolve it?
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The right way -> The OCX may not be registered correctly - try using "Regsvr32.exe" to register it (e.g. 'regsvr32 C:\Program1\MyControl.ocx') and then running program 2... An installer would take care of the by executing the DllSelfRegister in the ocx is directed.
The cheat way -> Put program2's folder on the system path.

Why does program 1 work?  By default applicaitons search the folder the reside in for sub-programs & libraries.
Why would the path method work? They also search the system path.

The best way - put the OCX in the "Windows\System32" folder and register it.
panderson_1Author Commented:
I have tried using regsvr32 to register it and I've also tried using an install program.  regsvr32 returns success, as does the install when installing program2, but program2 is still unable to find the ocx.  

so, if the ocx is in system32 then all apps will be able to find it because it is on the system path?
Should do - but (always a but) this may not always work with COM objects due to the need for registration.  If it's a COM library are you sure Program2 is compiled to use the correct library - if it's an app you wrote then you should open the source and check the component path (e.g. VB6 >> Project Menu >> Components >> find the OCX and the path is shown at the bottom).

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