HP Laserjet 2100tn not functioning

I recently cleared a paper jam from this HP laserjet 2100tn and the printer is not working.  I turn the printer and the machine does not even try to power up.  The lights flash and then the attention light blinks.  I have taken the machine apart and there is no paper jam in the machine.  I have tried swapping out toner cartridges.  This has not helped.  It seems like the mechanical part of the machine doesn't even power up when the machine is turned on. (i.e the rollers don't rotate, etc when machine is turned on.)  What should I do next?

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tudorjlAuthor Commented:
I had already tried this. It did not help.  

I am not getting a response from the mechanical part of the machine.  Somehow I believe that the machine thinks there is paper blocking it and thats why its refusing to do a self test.
check all the paper sensors then, a piece of paper, or a tape or sticker can be blocking it.
Check if they are not out of alignment too.
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You first need to understand how printers with 'lights' vs. 'control panel' work. When you turned on the printer, did the cooling fan on the left side turn on? If so, it's not a power related problem. If I understand you message, when the lights come on, are any of them blinking? If all lights are 'steady' on, you need to push the 'cancel' button(the little one) and hold the button till the next set of lights come on. This is your 'secondary' pattern which will direct you to the problem. Where was the paper jam? Front or back(delivery)? Typically, if the engine does not 'rotate' during bootup, you have a paper jam. You could have dislodged the paper flag while removing the jam.
tudorjlAuthor Commented:
I think I may have disloged the paper flag, but I'm not sure how to get it back on.  I have a small piece of plastic that is oddly shaped that fell off of the printer when I removed the jam.  I have other printers at my location that have the paper flag still intact.  I may have to look at them to see where it belongs and how I can get it back on.  Earlier this afternoon, I thought that since I did not get a rotation upon booting the printer that it may have been a bad paper sensor, but now that you mention the flag, it has struck a cord with me that I have this piece of plastic that fell off.  I'll investigate this avenue further.  Thank you.
you can always try to glue it on again.
Do not glue the flag back on. Was the jam in the rear of the printer or front?  Depending of the machine type, most flags have a spring. As the paper passes the flag, the machine detects this and allows for the next page to be printed. If there is no detection (missing flag), it thinks there is a paper jam.. and alerts you via the light pattern. If it's a rear jam, replace the fuser assembly, as the spring is not an available part.
tudorjlAuthor Commented:
I have the flag and the spring, although the spring seems a bit unwound  The flag is from the rear of the machine.  I have looked at the other printers of the same type and it is baffling me how they even got the spring to stay in place.  I was planning on stripping the machne down so that I could have easier access to the general area.  Are there any tricks to hooking this spring back up to get it to work correctly?

Remove paper tray, then the DIMM cover (right side.. not the cable access cover but the entire right side cover) Open rear delivery access cover.. (two screws) at the top, then two 'tabs' at the bottom... remove rear cover.. Once you have the cover off, remove the fuser assembly by disconnecting the cables and remove the screws (3). Fuser pulls straight out the back.  Remember, when you reattach the flag and spring, the flag should  point 'up'. When paper passes thru' the fuser, the flag lays down and then springs back to the 'up' position once the paper passes. Your spring is probably OK. So if you have to bent it to fit, you're installing it backwards..

When you reassemble the covers and reinstall the screws, always turn them left first, until you feel the screw line up with the threads,  if you don't, you'll strip the grooves and the screws may not hold.

good luck (if you're in Denver, stop by my shop and I'll show you)

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tudorjlAuthor Commented:
I will try this on Monday morning when I go back to work.  Thanks so much!
tudorjlAuthor Commented:
I successfully reattached the flag.  I had to stip some of the machine down, but I wound up not having to take out the fuser.
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