Configuring Veritas Backup Exec v10 to backup to disk, then to robotic tape drive...

I am configured Backup Exec to do our daily backups and store the backups on the HD. This is working fine.

Then, I want to have BE run a job to copy each days backup from the HD to a Quantum Super Loader 3 autoloader which has 7 available tapes, one for each day of the week. This is where I am having a problem. Can't figure out how to specify how to copy each days backup to a given tape in the auto looader.

Anyone have expierence with this scienero?


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It's not really meant to use a specific tape each day, it just uses the oldest assuming it's available for write and not protected. If you set a 1 day append period and a 6 day overwrite protection level it will settle down to a 7 day cycle quite quickly. The standard mistake is to set the overwrite protection to the same length of time as you want to keep the tapes for without realising that the timer starts after it finishes writing to the tape.

You can mess about creating each tape slot as a partition or putting each tape in it's own media pool but then you have to have a different job for each day and it ends up quite messy.

One of the sample policies is for disk to tape but if it isn't there then double click your policy and new template and there is a template called duplicate backup sets you can use. Make sure you select the tape device rather than the disk as the destination. There's a quirk that it shows the schedule page when you don't want to schedule it as it follows the backup to disk job.

Then with your selection list in the bottom pane right click and new job using policy and tick the policy you're using.

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As David says, it will track this if you let it, but don't bother trying to force it. I have an Overland with 15 tapes, and I just track in BE's Job Monitor when I need to find a particular backup.
a911proAuthor Commented:
Thanks David, I'll give that a try. Do you know of a way to have the system rotate tapes in such a manor as to allow removal of say, one tape per week for off-site storage?
I remove one tape per month for offsite. I just look in BE and see which tape was used on the 1st Wednesday, remove that one and move all the other tapes up in the magazine, add new tape at the last slot.

Are you going to bring those tapes back and re-use them? You could just do the same thing. Check BE, remove relevant tape, replace with other tape.
If you take the odd tape out you have to be sure that it is set to use tapes from the existing media set before scratch or it gets out of order, it's somewhere under tools-options.
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