Aldi special offer laptop

Aldi a running a special offer this week on a laptop.
I am thinking of buying a new laptop but have no idea of the specs i require.
Could someone please hav a look at this special offer and let me know if this laptop is worth buying and how good it actually is??

e.g. how close to "top of the range" it is??
what is is capable of etc......
also woul be open to suggestion on where i could find a better laptop at a similar price

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Hi Diarmuid,

If you'll post us a link to the system you want  reviewed, we'll be glad to have a look at it.


I checked the UK site and the same laptop seems to be selling for much less. But I can't find many particulars on this specific laptop.

For one thing the screen size seems very small -->12.1" widescreen
And they don't mention how much ram is actually in the laptop, only that it shares 128mb with the video chip.
 the processor is a AMD turion 64 with a dvd burner and an ati x200
I would say thats too much money for this particular laptop.
You would be better of checking the Dell site here
 to compare what they offer for around the same price.
Oh now I see the link *duh*.

Ok, we're talking about laptops in the "ultra mobile" category, characterized by very lightweight, smaller screens, with the focus on ease of movement, rather than high performance.

As compared the Dell line, we're talking about Latitude X1s or D410s.  Their about the same price, so that's not a big factor.

Pentium M processors are probably the best procs in the world right now, more powerful ghz-for-ghz than pretty much any other proc.  The AMD offering on the Aldi model is ok, but no where near as much a bargin (for both power and performance) as the Pentium M.

Aside from that, there's not much else to compare.  The Aldi site doesn't list memory, hard drives, optical drives, software options, or much of anything else.  So lets talk about "ultra mobile" notebooks in general.

As far as performance goes, these are "ultra mobile" notebooks.  Their intended purpose is strictly for general office type work (spreadsheets, light databases, web connectivity, email, quicken/quickbooks).  Graphics, aside from just looking at them, will be sluggish and difficult to manipulate (photoshop-like programs will make you suffer greatly). PowerPoint is also iffy on these types of systems, so they are not great choices for salesmen who give client-site presentations.  Games...forget about games...I'd be surprised if Solitare played smoothly.  On a performance scale, these will always rate very poorly when compared to more standard notebooks (such as Dell's D600 line) or desktop replacement notebooks (such as Dell's D810 or 9000 series Inspirons).

As portables in general go, Dell probably makes the "best" notebooks in the world (yes, that's a very arguable point).  They are certainly the standard by which all other notebooks are judged.  

Sparkmaker is very correct in sending you to Dell.  And considering that Dell was one of the first computer makers to open a manufacturing center in Ireland, I'd give them the first shot at your business...if nothing else, Dell delivers great value in their products.

Hope that helps!


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I'd also rather go for a Dell as mentioned earlier, or Acer are also very good.

The medion's sold by aldi may be OK as long as you don't need the highest quality or if you don't need support, but as soon as something breaks, or you want to use and addon, you'll be out there alone with hardly any support.
If you don't know that you really need an ultra-portable, you should perhaps consider the fact that some of these machines are highly proprietary and some don't even have a CD unit. When your O/S gives you trouble, you'll be pretty disappointed with that...
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