this way or that way?

I've got some code that basically goes through some handles until it finds the 'window' I'm looking then does it's thing and everything is great...however...just before it 'does it's thing' - there's a pop up window that I'll be working toward eliminating...

Here's my question:

> Is it a big deal if this code is 'continually' cycling through the open handles on my system - is that going to drag my utilization way down?  Right now, it runs about every 10 hours until it finds the window, then 'rests' until the next go around...
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Mike TomlinsonHigh School Computer Science, Computer Applications, Digital Design, and Mathematics TeacherCommented:
As long as you are you using either a Timer with a reasonable interval or a Thread with a reasonalbe call to System.Threading.Thread.Sleep() you should be okay...
sirbountyAuthor Commented:
I'm not...(yet)...

As of right now, I'm using something along the lines of
if window found
 sleep 10 hours
 sleep 5 seconds
end if

Problem I'm having is that it's not 'always' 10 could possibly occur more frequently (much more, I'm afraid) than I'm curious if I had some sort of full-time monitor set up if it would crush my system?
Mike TomlinsonHigh School Computer Science, Computer Applications, Digital Design, and Mathematics TeacherCommented:
If you polled in a While...Wend loop WITHOUT a call to Sleep() then Yes, it would drag down your CPU.

You can put your code that checks for the window in a Timer event and check every 5 seconds and that would be no big deal in my opinion.

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sirbountyAuthor Commented:
So you're saying I should be okay if I do the following...

In Form_load call my app-finder routine (in my module)
and from there have a timer that will run through all handles looking for a match every 5 seconds

a while...
loop through handles
sleep 5 seconds

I wonder if there's any difference...?  Hmm...I may have to test it...

Basically, I'm checking to ensure my vpn connection stays active.  Once it drops, I want it to's working when it simply goes to the maximum 10-hour threshold, but occasionally it'll drop for whatever other reason and my app's not working correctly then... : \
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