Getting documents' links updated in different folders at the same time using FRONT PAGE

Front Page has a feature, an alert that comes up whenever you change the name of a file
It says: "There are 9 pages that have links to this page, do you want to update the name so that the links will not be broken."

However it does not work if the link is in a different folder.

Here's an example I have 2 folders:
F1 & F2

F1 has index.htm and contacts.htm

F2 has Page1.htm and Page2.asp

In F1/index.htm I have a link to F2/Page1.htm
In F2/Page2.asp I have a link to F2/Page1.htm

If I rename "Page1.htm" to "home.htm"

In F1/index.htm the link will not change (it will remain Page1.htm)               :(
However in F2/Page2, the link will change to "home.htm"                  :)

Is there a way around this?  Can I get the link in F1 to change also?
I thought of the idea of placing F1 and F2 into a folder, however, they are too different to be in the same folder, it will be even more confusing to do that...

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Sounds like a frontpage question to me.  I would check the preferences and see if there's an option to check all folders.  Of course, the static way to do it would be to just change the link manually :|

Might help to post in the Web Dev. Software/Frontpage section of EE, I'm a macromedia fool myself.  You should also be able to do a sitewide find and replace for Page1.htm and change it to home.htm.

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Gemini532Author Commented:
Thank you, I made a mistake by not putting this question under Frontpage.

I must point out that I need this change to be done automatically.  I could most certainly do a Find and Replace, however, the whole point is that I won't be here.
This web sites will be used by someone who is not technical, and who wouldn't know to go change the link manually, or to use Find/Replace.  I'm afraid that not finding a solution to this question, will cause this link to break quite often...   :(

There are about 20 COMPLETELY different websites and they cannot be placed in the same folder because it would make no sense.  It would be like mixing Finance with Marketing...
nprignanoTechnical ArchitectCommented:
FrontPage uses a macro to do the find and replace - you would need to write a custom macro to accomplish this task - something I doubt many people in this TA will know how to do.

Would be best to get some compatent staff.  Why are you having "non-tec" people change page names???  Seems like a really bad idea to me.

So are you saying the sites are in some way related to eachother?  You deffinatly don't wanna put all the sites in one folder!  If you require that a non-tec access the site I reccomend looking into ajax or building forms to allow them to accomplish what they need.


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