Router problems.


I'm having some problems with my LinkSys router; whenever I am using it on the network, all of the PCs have "limited or no connectivity." For a little while, the PC I'm currently on was working fine on the network while the two others were failing, but it has failed also and is now hooked directly to the modem. I've tried resetting the TCP/IP and DHCP, but no luck. When I plug the modem cable to the router, it reads the internet as working and it notices the PCs that are connected to it. However, I cannot access configuration settings by going to I don't understand, and don't know what to do.

Two of the PCs are connected by cable, and one is wireless. Prior to all of this, the wireless one was experiencing connection issues. There was also the instance of an IP clash, so I disabled the router's DHCP services in hopes that each client would lease an IP from a regular DHCP server. I don't know if this is the source of this error, but I'd like to re-access the modem and change it back, so at least 2 of three PCs can access.


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Well first off, lets start with your DHCP server. Are you running a DHCP server on a machine on your network? If so it will need to be configured so that i give the correct: Gateway, DNS addresses to the DHCP clients. If you are running a simple home PC network i recommend using the DHCP server on your linksys router, the advantage of this is not having to actively maintain a somewhat annoyng set of configurations for a normal DHCP server. To reset your linksys router, there is a reset button on the back ( or on the front depending on the model ). Hold it down for 5 seconds ( usually, if that doesnt work try as much as 10 seconds ). By default your router will have an address of To simplify connecting it to one machine, set up one machine connected to the router. Make sure that one machine has DHCP enabled on the interface you have physically connected to the router. If that doesnt work... You can give that machine a static ip address ( something like with a subnet mask of and a gateway of ). That should allow you to access the router. Now connecting your modem to the router can vary depending on the type of model e.g. cable,dsl... Let me know if you need help with this part.

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when you disabled the dhcp on your router did you set up the computers with static ips? if you didn't that could give you the limited or no connectivity message
Rob WilliamsCommented:
I would try resetting the router to factory defaults and update the firmware. This is usually a good place to start. Keep in mind doing so will delete any configurations you have set, so if possible you should write them down, although you mention you cannot log on. This should also fix the log on problem. Sometimes when you have problems like this you cannot upgrade the firmware. If this is the case there is a utility to help you do so, available at;  It comes with .pdf file instructions.

The firmware is available from;

Let us know if you need a hand with any of this.
KikotfantanAuthor Commented:
Oh my! I had been resetting by unplugging and replugging. Didn't figure it made a difference between that and the reset key. Anyway, when I used the reset key I was able to access the router from one of the previously non-working PCs, and I enabled under MAC Address and cloned. When I saved and restarted all of the machines, (Including router and modem) everything was hunky-dory. Thanks!
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