how to make the bootable CD ?


i want to make a bootable CD.
i want to keep Ghost.exe(norton ghost exe size~700 KB) in it.
As soon as i put the bootable CD and restart my machine , the CD should boot and i should get the DOS.

and then i want to type ..

CD-ROM drive>ghost.exe [enter]

==>this will give me the graphical interface to do the next tasks.

Question :

i am not able to make bootable CD for my above mentioned purpose.

i expect from you , to tell me the complete steps to follow to make a bootable CD for the above purpose.

my Eariler attempts:
1) i am not interested to make bootable floppy, because my Laptop does not have floppy drive.

2) i saw "Ultimate boot CD" website but confused...they are pretty much complicated and they have probabily lots of feature which i am not interested.....i need the simplest thing to do the above task.

3)i tried to download a "CD-ROM bootable ISO image " from the net and burnt via nero burn ISO mode but the CD did not boot!.

4)please note my norton ghost works only on DOS enviornment unlike Norton 9 or 2003 Norton ghost.exe is size 700 KB only...may be the old version...but its fine.

So, question to u guys is to how to make the bootable CD ?

thank you

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i created a boot iso file for norton ghost in the past.
You can download it at
Open the ISO file with one of the following apps to copy your ghost.exe to the ISO file. Save it again and burn the ISO.


Adam LeinssSCCM EngineerCommented:
Well, if you could make a boot floppy, you could easily make a boot CD using the "boot cd" option in Nero.  You can't do this on another workstation?  At work?
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You will still need a floppy disk to create a bootable CD. Find a PC with windows 98 and a floppy disk, then create a bootable floppy using windows 98 (the option is somewhere inside control panel, Add/Remove Programs). This will create a bootable floppy with DOS driver for many available CD Drives (but not for USB or PCCard CD Drives). Once you have that floppy, download the program rawwritewin. With this tool you can make an image file of the floppy you just created.

Now open nero and select CD (Boot). In the "Boot" tab select "Image File", and here select the image file you just created above. The other entries should be OK as default (Floppy emulation 1.44MB etc). Now click on "New". Now just select your ghost.exe file (and if you want, any other software) and pull it into your left pane, then burn the CD.

After a reboot, you should be able to select the CD drive letter that gets mounted and then from there start whatever apps you burnt to the CD.
If you don't want to use mine or my cd doesn't work however. Here are the instructions:

1) put a blank floppy into your floppy drive.
2) right-Click on the drive and format -> MS DOS Start Disk.
3) copy ghost.exe to the created start disk
3) download RawWriteWin from
4) choose Read in the tool and create a boot image of the inserted floppy
5) start Nero and choose CD-ROM (Boot). Choose the boot image file as Source. Make sure you that you uncheck "Expert Settings".
6) Burn the CD and use it ;)
oops. sorry. :)
Hopefully you  have Nero installed. If so you can just select make bootable Cd and then select the .iso with the ghost executable and that should be it..

reboot and press any key to boot to CD..make sure your boot sequence is correct and is booting to CD rom first..
cofactorAuthor Commented:
To   allocationerror,

i saw ur 2 reply.

did you mean ur first solution does not work ? is that work in your PC ? i have not tested yet....will be testing shortly.

To gonzal13
i have ruled out this ultimate boot CD.....i saw there website already....and become confused. how do get into the DOS......they have so many select options....and  where do i keep ghost.exe and how do i start ghost,exe with this ?


you told "Hopefully you  have Nero installed. If so you can just select make bootable Cd and then select the .iso with the ghost executable and that should be it..

yes. i have nero installed.

what did you mean by "select the .iso with the ghost executable" ?? there is no iso in my hand. i have only ghost.exe left in my hard disk. did you mean, fist i should MAKE  an  ISO with this ghost.exe (by MagicISO software) and then  make a bootable CD picking up this  ISO ?

please clarify. i am a simple man.....not expert :(

=== my head is burning man.....well, yesterday, i downloaded  a bootable floppy from, it was dos550.exe, then i made a bootable floppy out of it......and then i lost.....nothing worked.  :(

well, i'll read comments posted by you people.
thank you very much for all the responses.
cofactorAuthor Commented:
another feedback

i downloaded WinISO.

i made the ISO image of ghos.exe with this software......the name of image is "ghostimage"

Now, i opened NERO
put a rewitable blank CD in the tray
burn bootable disk
chose ghostimage iso > next >burn

Now, i restarted  PC .  pressed "DEL" button....enter into BIOS "advanced setup"

i set ,
1st boot device CD/DVD 1-0
2nd boot device IDE
3rd boot device floopy.
pressed  F10(save & exit).

inserted the bootable ghost CD.
restart again

BUT the CD did not boot . :(

windows XP prfessional starts up

cofactorAuthor Commented:
hi  allocationerror ,

your link 
is  not opening

cofactorAuthor Commented:
>Find a PC with windows 98 and a floppy disk, then create a bootable floppy using windows 98 (the option is >somewhere inside control panel, Add/Remove Programs).

i have a desktop PC but thats is win x professional
Saurabh DuaCommented:
Here's the simplest solution::

U need to have some sw:

1. WinRAR 2. UltraISO latest ver. ( even old may work ) 3. Nero ( u've it already..)

Now, follow these steps:

Downlaod a Win98 boot floppy with CD support from :
Or any dos bootdisk , but it must have CD support..

Now comes the hack part ..

After downloading the exe, Right click it ( winRAR must be installed ) and select Extract..
It may exctract a .imz file, open that in Winrar to get the .IMA file.. The target is just to get the .IMA file..or .IMG file..

Now when u have the . IMA file, open UltraISO..

Go to Bootable>Load boot file..
In it select the .img /.ima file, if it cannot show .img file, just select All Files in dropdown box..

Now It has loaded the boot file, now just do one last thing:
Add the ghost.exe and any other files/folders u want in the left pane ..
Select File > Save As... from the menu.

Give a.iso as name and save it on Desktop/any where..

Now open Nero Select Recorder>Burn Image and give the path of that a.iso.., select a.iso to burn .. Insert a fully BLANK CD( this is must ) .. , OK, Burn/./.
and yahoo the CD is burned

More info:

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cofactorAuthor Commented:

hmm...actually, i did not have to make the bootable CD . because i am using Acronis True Image 8.0.

when you install this software, this automatically makes a bootable CD for you !!!!

i used that and my problem solved.

but anyway, i like the answer of   saurabh_dua

may be some day, this could be helpful.

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