URGENT!!!end of line character in Notes

Hey expert,

I have a text file needs to load into Notes DB. but I need to add an end of line character in the file. Do you know what specific control character that Notes recogonize?  "return" or "tab" or anything else?

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for windows, it is probably the standa LF, CR ( Linefeed and then Return ( Char (13 ) )

I hope this helps !
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
It's O/S dependent. And it's the other way round on Windows: CR and then LF, or Chr$(13) + Chr$(10). I'm not quite sure, but usually the Chr$(13) will do. On Linux/Unix, it's only the LF. What's your idea to read the file? You use File/Import or are you programming this in LotusScript?

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Hi nightworker,
 If you're importing from a text file, then try the line input:

'Display the contents of c:\config.sys a line at a time.
Dim text As String, fileNum As Integer
fileNum% = FreeFile()
Open "c:\config.sys" For Input As fileNum%
Do While Not EOF(fileNum%)
   Line Input #fileNum%, text$
   Print text$          ' Prints one line of config.sys
Close fileNum%

Then you loop through the full line: text$ to find your variables.  The line Input will recognize, or should recognize the eol character for any platform.. however it might not if the text file was created on one platform and then input into another platform.

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