Stepper Motor--Can I run it without sriver board

Hello there.Any idea how to use a stpper motor without a driver board. I am doing a project .I want to save some time. Much detailed answer will get full marks.

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first off could you give some more information about this project and what you are trying to do with the motor since we don't what your thinking.


stepper motor   or is it   stpper motor
mahmood_786Author Commented:
it is stepper motor rs part number 440-436. I will write a programme to run this motor to run the lift system. it is a proto type project. i do not want o go into the hassel of buying and spending on driver board.
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You don't need a driver board, but you will need some sort of interface chip to handle the inductive load.
Here is a sample design with driver chips.

you may be able to make an analog to digital board to attach to your pc printer port and a quick basic program to drive it. basically you are not going to get to far w/o a driver board.... I use to design microprocessor based circuits and make my own PCBs... so i am wondering  " why? "  you are asking this question... maybe that will help us answer your question better.
mahmood_786Author Commented:
please read above that y I am asking this. Also I am thinking to use darligton array chip to drive the motor from micro controller cuurent. I do not how good is this idea. I am a beginner and not good at projects.
The ULN2003 that is used in the sample design in the link I gave above has seven darlington drivers with protection diodes.  These chips are designed to work with stepper motors.  You can drive them with uC outputs.
What uC are you planning to use?  You can usually find reference designs on line.

For a PIC:
mahmood_786Author Commented:
I am planning to use ATmega128 and I am using avr visual studio to right the c code.
mahmood_786Author Commented:
There are lots of sample circuits and code here:

All you would need is the uC and a ULN2003 driver.  
You can get them from DigiKey for less than $1.
mahmood_786Author Commented:
I think I will need diodes as well. I am not sure wether I need capcitors or not do you?
Protection diodes are built into the ULN2003.
You would probably want a filter cap for the motor power supply and small decoupling caps for the uC.

And you will need some components for the user or computer interface.

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