FLVPlayback video player outline color; flash 8

I am using the Flash 8 FLVPlayback control.  I want to change the thin black outline around the video window to another color.  I tried making a custom skin and changing the outline color there, but that did not change the color in my flash movie when I applied the skin.

Can someone suggest how I can change the outline color of a video player?  Perhaps if I cannot change the color that is there, can I add a new outline that covers the old one and will resize with the movie so it tracks the video player size.

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Aneesh ChopraCTOCommented:
Hi bryanwells,

as per my understanding I don't think FLVPlayback component creates any black line around the video window by default.

in most of the cases, FLV video already have black border in itself which seems like border.

Please confirm if this is the case.

You may download a free FLV player from here:

and try your FLV video in this FLV player and see if you can see any border in it
If yes, that means ur FLV video has this border which can be removed only by editing ur FLV file only.

bryanwellsAuthor Commented:
I only see a thin border around the video that seems to be there before I even load the flv into the player you provided.  So you are saying that thin black border around the flv is part of the flv?  I dont see a border that is in my particular flv file.  I only see the one that is there when you first run the player you gave me to try.  Even before i drag my flv into the player, you can see a black frame around it. I am guessing that is what I have seen and that is what I would like to change the color of.  I can draw my own border around the video so it covers the thin one that is there and that works okay I guess.  I just thought there would be a way to change the one that is there.
Aneesh ChopraCTOCommented:

I have used FLVPlayback and never got any border around by default..

to make it clear, can you upload a sample FLA with your FLV
it will help in resolving the issue faster.

Aneesh ChopraCTOCommented:
Ok, here is the way to create a border among the playing movie

Create a new layer just above the "FLVPlayback" component layer.

Selecte rectangle tool, and create only outlined rectangle of 100 by 100 pixels.

select the outline and convert it to the movieClip with some name.

double click it, and write the following code on its first frame.

//I assumed that "FLVPBack" is the "FLVPlayback" component instance name in your FLA
// so replace it with ur "FLVPlayback" component instance name.
this.onEnterFrame = function()
      this._x = this._parent.FLVPBack._x;
      this._y = this._parent.FLVPBack._y;
      this._width = this._parent.FLVPBack.__width;//important,  keep the double underscore, it is not by mistake
      this._height = this._parent.FLVPBack.__height;//important,  keep the double underscore, it is not by mistake

you my experiment with the color and weight of the border as you want.

It will work as you want.


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