Can't change the Target path for my Windows 2000 domain's redirrected My Document's folders

I have a 50 user Windows 2000 Server Active Directory Domain with a PDC and a BCD.  All of the workstations are running Windows XP.  The past setup on the domain included the following in the logon.bat script on the controllers for drive mappings. (retdc1 is the PDC)

net time \\retdc1 /SET /Y
net use h: /delete
net use h: /HOME
net use r: /delete
net use r: \\retdc1\fbooks
net use s: /delete
net use s: \\retdc1\shared

I also have the user's H: drive pointing to a networked users folder on the PDC utilizing the Home Folder selection in the Active Directory Users and Computers/User Properties/Profile tab.  

I have always had the H: drive go to the users folder on the server this way and it works fine.  Now here is the problem.
I have a new server that I want to select as the users server.  I have changed the Home Folder option in the Active Directory
user properties section for the users to point to the new server users location like \\sampson\users\username.  This works fine
for the selected H: drive I created there for the logging in users.  THe problem is that their My Document's folder STILL goes to
the old server path of \\Retdc1\Users\username\My Documents.  I NEED it to now goto \\Sampson\Users\username\My Documents instead of going to \\Retdc1.  I have tried all the methods seen here of editing my workstation registry in the Shell part to change it from \\retdc1 to \\sampson but every time I reboot my workstation, it reverts back to the first server path on all the My Document items.  I obviously can't change it on each workstation because for one, it is greyed out in the My Document's Properties Target box.  

WHERE is this controlled primarily?  As an end result I want ALL logging users to get their My Document folders to shortcut to the new server users share I made and get it from pointing to the old share location.

Please let me know if you need any more info here.  AD always makes me nervous especially on a live domain.


Rob Jones
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Check the group policy that is applied to your users (i.e. Default domain policy (?))

User Configuration -> Windows Settings -> Folder Redirection -> My Documents

Right Click -> Properties


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rjones777Author Commented:
I finally found those settings on my domain controller.  That does look like where it was set before and I will try this when I can get everyone out of the office in a week or so.  Thanks so much for the help.

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