Installing And Configuring Samba On FreeBSD

Note: I AM Fairly New To Unix And FreeBSD.

I did a minimal install of FreeBSD (at my home) and tommorow I will need to install it at work. I didnt configure anything on the machine at work so almost everything will be new to me. I need to get internet access, install lynx, and apache. (  Also I will need anything that would be required in order for me to install Samba.

I Am Using FreeBSD 6.0. Work Machine Has 5.4.
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sof_combatAuthor Commented:
Can anyone give me a step by step guide that will explain how to do everything?

I have found these so far:

Are There Guides That Will Tell Me Almost Exactly What To Type?
   cd /usr/ports/net/samba3
    make install && make clean

You only mentioned Samba in your pointer question, does that mean you figured out Lynx and Apache? (hint: it's very much the same)

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sof_combatAuthor Commented:
I did figure out lynx (i didnt configure anything)
I just finished installing apache (now I need to configure that)
if you want to help with apache:
sof_combatAuthor Commented:
I Dont have apache configured correctly (at least it gives me errors when i do #apachectl start)

I Have Installed samba, copied smb.conf and enabled inetd.
I have logged onto localhost901:
#lynx http://localhost:901

But I Do Not Know What To Do From there

I am looking at:
David PiniellaCommented: will give you some insight on configuring it (and for installing it but since you seem to have figured out how to get that far, i doubt you'll need that...)
sof_combatAuthor Commented:
Since I Need This For Tommorow I Will Post The Directions I Made For Myself (I Am Only Posting From Where I Dont Think/Am Unsure On If I Am Right Or Not Because I Couldnt Get It To Work):

This Starts Off With:
# lynx localhost:901 logging as root, and going to global

workgroup  MYGROUP
workgroup workgroup
server string  Samba Server
server string  <hostname> (Or A Description)

      Change Encypt Passwords From No To Yes:
            Encrypt passwords [Yes]

      Under Hosts Allow:
            hosts allow 172.20.

Go Back To Commit Changes And Press Enter:

#  vi /usr/local/etc/smb.conf

It Should Contain:
      #Global parameters
            //All the things configured with SWAT
Next Is What Needs To Be Changed:
      comment = Home Directories
      read only = No
      browseable = Yes //Changed from No to Yes
      writeable = Yes //Add this line
      path = /usr/home/%u //Add this also

Create Files Used For Samba To Authenticate Clients:
# grep -v "^#" /etc/passwd | make_smbpasswd > /usr/local/private/smbpasswd
# chmod 600 /usr/local/private/smbpasswd

Kill The Process:
      #  Kill –HUP `cat /var/run/`

Add Samba T rc.conf:
      #  vi /etc/rc.conf

Reboot The System:
      #  shutdown –r now
      #  reboot

Adding Users:
      #  smbpasswd –a <username>

Please Tell Me If Anything Is Wrong Because I Don't Want To Go To Work Unprepared.

- Thank You Everyone Who Has Helped (And Hopefully Everyone Who Will Before I Go To Work)
David PiniellaCommented:
rebooting the system shouldn't be necessary -- you may need to restart the process or send it a "HUP" signal to re-read the configuration file
(to restart, run /etc/rc.d/samba restart .... to HUP it, find the process id by running "ps aux | grep samba" to get the pid and then running "kill -HUP [pid # here]")
sof_combatAuthor Commented:
Other than the unecessary reboot will everything work correctly?

Is there anything I am missing?

- This Is My Final Post, Because I Am Heading For Bed, G'Night Every1
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