Parse nmap XML data into Mysql database

I know there must be a way since I have seen parsers for XML data. What I would like to do is to parse XML data I capture from nmap (network scanner) and put that data into a database and normalize the data. I have thousands of workstations to scan and would like to filter the database so I only will see the data that is out of the ordinary. My problem is how to get the data from XML to Mysql.

An example of the data that comes out of nmap:

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<?xml-stylesheet href="nmap.xsl" type="text/xsl"?>
<!-- Nmap 4.00 scan initiated Tue Feb 14 13:26:26 2006 as: nmap -sS -v -oX c:\1.xml server99 -->
<nmaprun scanner="nmap" args="nmap -sS -v -oX c:\1.xml server99" start="1139945186" startstr="Tue Feb 14 13:26:26 2006" version="4.00" xmloutputversion="1.01">
<scaninfo type="syn" protocol="tcp" numservices="1672" services="1-1027,1029-1084,1103,1109-61441,65301" />
<verbose level="1" />
<debugging level="0" />
<host><status state="up" />
<address addr="" addrtype="ipv4" />
<hostnames />
<ports><extraports state="closed" count="1665" />
<port protocol="tcp" portid="135"><state state="open" /><service name="msrpc" method="table" conf="3" /></port>
<port protocol="tcp" portid="139"><state state="open" /><service name="netbios-ssn" method="table" conf="3" /></port>
<port protocol="tcp" portid="445"><state state="open" /><service name="microsoft-ds" method="table" conf="3" /></port>
<port protocol="tcp" portid="1030"><state state="open" /><service name="iad1" method="table" conf="3" /></port>
<port protocol="tcp" portid="2001"><state state="open" /><service name="dc" method="table" conf="3" /></port>
<port protocol="tcp" portid="2002"><state state="open" /><service name="globe" method="table" conf="3" /></port>
<port protocol="tcp" portid="5900"><state state="open" /><service name="vnc" method="table" conf="3" /></port>
<runstats><finished time="1139945187" timestr="Tue Feb 14 13:26:27 2006"/><hosts up="1" down="0" total="1" />
<!-- Nmap run completed at Tue Feb 14 13:26:27 2006; 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 0.882 seconds -->

thanks for your help!
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You have to do this at the application level.  You could do it in Java, PHP, even write an XSL transformation that outputs delimited text files or SQL statements.
Note that MySQL 5.1 (in alpha) supports XPath:

THat doesn't really help you load XML data to a normalized data structure, though.  It allows you to load native XML and query against nodes in the XML document, which you could then use to populate a normalized data structure, though.
dutch7773Author Commented:
Now you mention XSL, I found that on
Can I use a file like that to create the output for Mysql?
This XLS will make a real nice html page, but I want my output in a database...

I also found a parser at but this is very intimidating since I'm not a Perl programmer.

I was kinda hoping for some GUI that I can drag fields to map to DB fields or something :)

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Yes, you could use a file like that to output something like comma-delimited text that can be imported into MySQL easily.  You could even go whole-hog and create output that is a SQL statement that MySQL can execute directly.

I'm not familiar with any GUI products that can do that (but there probably are a few).  You might check in the XML topic area to see if anybody has any ideas.

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if you have a XSL transformation to HTML, it should be easy to change that to write SQL or simple CSV
dutch7773Author Commented:
thanks folks, it seems to me that I need to rewrite the XSL.
Do you have any pointers or documentation on this? I have no knowledge about the XSL, do have some programming experience so I'm sure I'll be able to figure it out. But if I can get some hints from you that would just give me that boost I need to get this going.
The XML topic area here would be a good starting point.  What I know about XSLT is from the Manning publication, XSLT in Action and a handful of websites I ran across through Google (nothing so great that I bookmarked them or anything).
dutch7773Author Commented:
thanks Todd! I will go to the XML area
Thanks for the points!  I'm sure they can help you out with the XSLT questions much better than I (I contemplated trying, but they will do much, much better).
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