need to find (StoredProc NAME, StoredProcTEXT, StoredProcID, DatabaseContainingStoredProc) ?

Will need help again. How do i write an SQL statement to return the following info:
Stored Procedure Name,
Stored Procedure Text,
Stored Procedure ID,
Stored Procedure Database

I tried the following query:
Basically its hard to relate the sysdatabases table sysobjects or syscomments.........

Select C.text,,,  master.dbo.sysdatabases.dbid
From sysobjects as O
     Inner Join  syscomments as C
        On =
        C.Text = 'P'
     Inner Join master.dbo.syslockinfo
            On =

     Inner Join master.dbo.sysdatabases
            On master.dbo.syslockinfo.rsc_dbid =

Order By
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Try this.

Select C.text,,, DB_NAME()  
From sysobjects as O
     Inner Join  syscomments as C
        On =
where o.xtype = 'P'
Order By

Something like this ...

declare @dbname varchar(500)
declare @sql varchar(8000)

declare db_cursor cursor for
select name from master.dbo.sysdatabases

open db_cursor

fetch db_cursor into @dbname

while @@fetch_status = 0
      set @sql = IsNull(@sql + ' union ', '') + 'select ''' + @dbname + ''', name from ' + @dbname + '.dbo.sysobjects where xtype = ''P'''
      print @dbname
      fetch db_cursor into @dbname

close db_cursor
deallocate db_cursor

--select @sql
matu007Author Commented:

I am looking for a way to get the DB_NAME as some ":id" that relates a database object (say a stored procedure) to a
database_id (the database id being extracted from a column of some systable).........

Isnt there some way in the system tables to relate which stored procedure/table/function/view is stored in which database....using referential integrity...Also when i extract the text of the stored procedure from syscomments i do not get the entire SP...

>>the database id being extracted from a column of some systable

AFAIK, it is not available.

>>Also when i extract the text of the stored procedure from syscomments i do not get the entire SP..

Tools->Options->Results tab->change the value in Maximum characters per column (*) to desired value.

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