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Tracking Login and Usage

isd503 asked
Last Modified: 2008-08-19
I would like to find a better way to track login and usage information in / on the following applications / hardware:

1.  Windows - I can find the last login using Hyena to access the properties of each user account.  I also have a .vbs script I modified to give me this information.  Is there a better tool to accurately track user login in the Windows environment?  

2.  Exchange - we do not cause our users to login to their Exchange mailboxes (after they login to the network).  However, they do have to login to OWA.  We track OWA usage using the IIS logs, but it is very hard to track last login data for a user as you have to check several logs to be accurate.  There has to be a better way!  Can I accurately track Exchange usage, even though users do not have to login to their Exchange mailboxes while using their Outlook client?

3.  VPN - we currently have a Pix, but are migrating to an ASA device.  On the Pix, we can implement logging via TFTP, but it is very tedious to try and go through when you're trying to find information.  One file, not several segreagated by date.

I know it's probably just a pipe dream, but is there one application that might help with all three of these things?  Are there better tools than what we are currently using?
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> I know it's probably just a pipe dream,

I agree.
You can look into SMS, Altiris, EDM, for one side, and a number of other packages, but not only do I predict there be no one solution found, but that each leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to trying to manage the system. Active Directory can also help, but you needn't even install that.

I think you need to revisit just what it is that you are looking for, and for what you need to know (vs what you do not need to know, such as info produced by security offerings that'll dump a mundful of false positives on you at enormous cost)

If you have some programming talent around the office, you can probably form up a homebrew system that will give you what you want, but that'll take a time investment, and some level of coordination to handle disparate systems, but it'll be closer to what you are looking for and more useful.

>  Is there a better tool to accurately track user login in the Windows environment?  

hmm, if you haven't that many, it is probably cheaper to upgrade, and get everyone on a common platform. Sell it to management by claiming reduction in future support costs (problem resolution, compatibility, ...).
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Altman technologies provide a great number of auditing technologies which are worth a look :


does an OWA login constitute an AD login for last login tracking?

Nope.. Only two places does OWA record... Event Viewer and IIS log files.

Crystal reports can be configured to read and generate reports off of the IIS log files.
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