topmost property?

I have an application with a dialog form to which I have assigned the topmost property to true.  This does what I want, which is to keep the form on top of all others in the application, however if I switch to another application, such as outlook or whatever, that form remains on top.  I do want this dialog to remain on top within my application, but not on top of everything on the whole computer.  Is there a way I can do this with this topmost property, or can someone suggest an alternate method?
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What do you mean? I don't know how you call the top most form. But if you call that form with ShowDialog() method, it will be the top most form only within your app.
Another thing, if you want to try my trick, you have to frist set the TopMost value to False.
PowerBidsAuthor Commented:
Using ShowDialog wouldn't do what I want.  I need this form to stay open at the forefront of the screen, while still allowing the user to work in other parts of the application (by the way, this dialog form is for a find and replace routine - that's why I need this behavior).  Like I said, setting the form's topmost property to true, allows it to work this way.  But unlike the find/replace dialog in other typical applications, my dialog is remaining at the forefront of all open applications, not just the one it's being used in.  
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You need to set the topmost form as an owned form like so:
       frmDialog.Owner = Me  ' Let's say you open this dialog in your main form, then "Me" means the main form
       frmDialog.TopMost = True
PowerBidsAuthor Commented:
Thanks amyhxu.  That got me part of the way.  At least now, if I minimize my app, the dialog goes away with it.  However if I open a different app over the top of mine, the dialog is still staying on top.  Any more suggestions?
How about this:
       frmDialog.TopMost = False
       frmDialog.Owner = Me  


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PowerBidsAuthor Commented:
Yes, that one worked.  Obviously the Owner property was the one I needed to be concerned with.  Not the topmost property.  Thanks
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