how can I sum line items based on certain fields in the line items table

i have an invoice with invoice lines that include the following . some of the lines are for labor & some lines are for products. can I setup a field in the invoice table to give me the total for the lines with the item being labor & another field to sum the total for products.
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yes, but you need a way to distinguish a labour line from a product line, ie another field in the invoices lines table which indicates the type of line it is.
If those lines are created from a price list, I suggest you put this criteria in the price list, and copy it to the line field upon record creation using tha auto-enter feature for this "type" field. Then you'll be able to summarize this lines through a link using 2 fields, the invoice ID field + the line type field.
Let me know if you habe this, and need further help
A small example of this
(done with fm6)
Eh, I believe you meant to say done with FM7...
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Indeed! 8 actually... That's the problem to answer 2 questions at the same time, unlike my PC I am pretty bad at multi-tasking (and getting worst!) and I had just done another example in fm6 for the previous question, so that sentence was supposed to be in the other post...
RALPHQCAuthor Commented:
I was able to follow your instructions up to
(Then you'll be able to summarize this lines through a link using 2 fields, the invoice ID field + the line type field.
Let me know if you habe this, and need further help)

I looked at your example file,
I want to have a field in the invoice table which sums the price for manpower & a second field to sum the price for the parts.

ok, I modified my exmaple, reload from there. my explanations were a bit short I must say, but the idea was there.
another way to do it:

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RALPHQCAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help

I created another field in the inv lines to calculate the extended total if item is= manpower.

I sum the field to get the man power invoice sum
I subtract the sum of the man power from the main sum to get the parts sum.

I didn't want to add more table; my solutions has so many allready.

do you think it's ok to do so many calculations or add more tables is better. (faster)

The drawback of yr way is that it is a calculation based on another caculated field, therefore slower.
The best is to convert these fields as numbers and calculate them with a script whenever needed, or avoid to display them in commonly used layouts because they are re-calculated everytime you display them
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