Attaching Photo's to a .PDF file

I have set up an interactive form in Acrobat 7 Pro, is it possible to insert a button that the user can click on which will enable them to attach a photo to the .pdf file?

If so, then how would I do this?

Also is it possible to display a thumbnail of this photo inside the .PDF file?


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The only way to dynamically pop a photo into an Acrobat form is to put it onto a button.  Really.

I have a sample of this at home, and I'll post it up tonight.
Okay.  Put a button onto your form, and then double-click it (with the editing arrow tool).

Go to the "Options" tab, and choose "Icon only" in the first dropdown.

Then go to the "Actions" tab.  In the first dropdown select "Mouse Up" and in the second, choose "Run a JavaScript".

Click the "Add" button, and you'll get a big window.  Paste this into it:;

Now when you click the button (in normal viewing mode - hand tool selected), you'll get a dialog to import a graphic and there you go.  The graphic becomes the icon for the button.  So there's the thumbnail, too.

At this point, it should be obvious that the size of the button determines the size of the picture in the form.

Now, this only works in Acrobat *Pro*.  Not in Standard, and certainly not in Reader.

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WayneGuptillAuthor Commented:
Thanks Funkmotor your answer was perfect and easy to follow :D However, I think my question may have been wrong :D After inserting the picture inside the .PDF file I then need to be able to extract the picture from the .PDF file as it is part of the data I am collecting.


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