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I'm a total newbie for the MS platform, and just inherited a Windows 2000 webserver running an app that uses the MS SQL server.

I want to write a simple little script that when I hit it with a browser request, it will dump a given table to me in comma separated format (no matter how many columns there are).  Is there a simple way to do this with an .aspx file?
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AneeshDatabase ConsultantCommented:
u can use the bop command to export to the csv file

bcp mydb.dbo.UrTable out sales.csv /U /P /Ssales_svr /c /t

Inorder to call this from an aspx page, u need to write a procedure containing this statement
exec master..cmdShell 'bcp mydb.dbo.UrTable out sales.csv /U /P /Ssales_svr /c /t'
drtesterAuthor Commented:
Ok, so let's say my database is called "test", and the table I want to export is called "sales".  The SQL server is running on the localhost.  What code would I put in an asp file to make this happen?  I could go with either rendering the .csv in the browser, or having it actually create a file within the public web space.  THanks!
AneeshDatabase ConsultantCommented:
What is the authentication method you are using ? Windows or mixed ?
U have to put your username immediately after the /U and ur password after /P.
For example If you are using sql authentication with username 'sa' and password 'pass', the above procedure can be modified as

exec master..cmdShell 'bcp Test.dbo.Sales out c:\sales.csv /U sa /P pass /S LocalHost  /c /t'

this will create the result csv in c:\
I don't have much idea on ASP.

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