making each column Value clickable such that the page id redirected to the corresponding page

I have written my First JSP apllication wherein I parse a text file and show it in a Table .

Each row has some unique Identifiers  (some thing line AA1234 ,GO:123 ..etc ) these Identifiers can be linked to external side by adding the Identifier to the end

something like

where the 5737 is the Id I have in the Table ..

I was wondering how I can make the values in each row clickable such that the corresponding click will direct the page to the the requisite one

Could you gimme  an example which does this ..any small example would do ..
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It's called a hyper link, in fact all you need to do is go to the browser and click view source and you can see that the code that does this is :

<a href="javascript:NewWindow('go.cgi?view=details&show_associations=list&search_constraint=terms&depth=0&query=GO:0005737&session_id=5480b1139976105', 'Details', '650', '650', 'custom', 'front');" class="aspect">cytoplasm</a>

Give it a shot : )
Agree with Kelvin_King.
It use a function:
function NewWindow(mypage,myname,w,h,pos,infocus)
to open a window with parameter passed (position, focus, etc.).
See the html source to view it full
micro_learnerAuthor Commented:
I am extarcting the Identifier from an array and I am unable to insert the variable into the href ...could you please help me here

say the variable is in "dataToken[i])" and I need to embedd this "value" at the end the URL """

Tried this but this does not work ...


                  <a href=
                  <% } %>
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<a href="<%=dataToken[i]%>">

In this manner you write the link directly. To open in a new window you can call the target. So your code became:
<a href="<%=dataToken[i]%>" target="_blank">

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OR somthing like:
<a href="javascript:NewWindow('<%=dataToken[i]%>','Details', '650', '650', 'custom', 'front')">

and use the same NewWindow script of the page you posted at top.
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