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I have sucessfully installed SMS 2003 server on a domain controller (using adv security) and went through numerous troublshooting and references on the internet to prefect my installtion. One part which i am quite not sure of is assigning "Site boundaries." I have enlisted all our 20 different IP subnets but for some reason the SMS server has only added Machines on one subnet as "Assigned" and attempted to successfully installed on most of the machines on that subnet. There was no attempt at all to install or assign machines on our other subnets, even when if i manually invoke a install client from the SMS admin console. I have however was able to manually install a client on a another subnet and the SMS server successfully detected it only after performing an "install client status check only." System Discovery is on and working fine, with all computer in the AD being listed in the SMS.

Any comments would be appreciated and rewarded.

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Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
How many clients do you have in each subnet? Microsoft recommend that you only add a subnet at a time although this may not apply to you if you only have a couple of machines in each. have you read this article in your preparations?

amersharafAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply.

We have a total of 300+ clients, so its safe to say we have on average 20 computers per subnet.
The article goes about the "Network discovery" and its impact on the network bandwidth which i dont have any issues with since all the users are linked via high speed connections.

I will perfrom a test by removing all the site boundaries i have set and leave just one subnet that SMS server still didnt install any clients in. I will post back my results.


amersharafAuthor Commented:
For some weird reason the client is being assigned & installed only in one subnet, all the other subnets are being ignored? This happend immediatly after i deleted all the subnets leaving one (subnet

Server subnet is:
Subnet with clients automatically installed after site boundary changes:
Other Subnets: 30.1xx.1.0

The discovery process is working fine and whenever new PCs are joined to the domain they being discovered and shown on the SMS administration console.
I have not set the "site boundaries" to our domain

No changes. nothing has been Assigned other than the subnet machines who have clients installed.

Do you see anything else i can work on?



Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
Has it assigned the client to ALL the expected devices in that subnet or is the process still ongoing?

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Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
I think my link would have done the job james but happy to go with the flow.
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