Some GDB help please

I have a command prompt program that I want to step through, step by step and be able to see whats in each register. Is there a simple way to do this without the source and without setting a breakpoint? I'd like to see each assembly line too.

I remember I knew how to do it back a few semesters ago, now I need help.
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> I want to step through, step by step
(gdb) step
(gdb) next

> and be able to see whats in each register.
(gdb) info registers

> I'd like to see each assembly line too.
(gdb) disassemble

LinkyAuthor Commented:
I get "No Frame selected." when I do "disassemble". Step and next it says, "The program is not being run."
Linky ,
How can you disassmeble , when your program is not running itself. LOL

before running your program ,
(gdb) stop in main
(gdb) set args       // the args which you supply for exe
(gdb) run
step by step in Assembly
INfo registers
(gdb) info registers.

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FEw points to clarify:
1) You can't step through program execution nor see the registers contents without setting breakpoint -> running the program, this would allow you to read the assembly lines as well  providing to the GDB options to do it;

2) to see the disassembled code of the program (in full, few lines, few mnemonics, whatever) you don't need to run the program, enough :
#objdump -d filename

SideNote - you didn't specified what you're trying to achieve, may be some other ideas would come up.
objdump does not shows the source code in assembly. It shows only the source file names, functions names (mangled /demangled ones ).
(gdb) stop in main
will halt the program at the very first line of main.
(gdb) stepi
will go to next instruction in assembly code.
stepi stands for step instruction.

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