batch file to parse a text file and pick out certain strings

i have a problem.
i actually have to write a batch file to generate a command to restore databases automatically.

one of the parameters in the command is giving a timestamp from the backup catalog file. backup catalog file is nothing but a text file which holds timestamps of when backups were taken.

now, the format of the catalog file is as follows:
begin dump=0
   datetime=12/25/2005 22:00:09
   completion_time=12/26/2005 00:09:13
end dump
begin dump=log_only
   datetime=12/26/2005 00:15:01
   completion_time=12/26/2005 00:15:17
end dump

This loops on and on. I need only the "datetime=...." entry for every "dump=0" section. maybe even where "backup_expired=Y" but backup_expired is not really important.

so what i need help with is....something to which i can give this catalog file as the input...and all the "datetime=...." lines will be printed of screen where "dump=0"

please let me know if im not explaining correctly.

thanks in advance.
much appreciated.

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Hi, Kunalap.

I think I figured out a solution.  I'm not sure this is the best way to do this, so if one of the other experts comes up with a better way, feel free to give them the points.  I think that you want to search a file (given as a parameter) for lines ending in "dump=0" and when found, print (to the screen) the first occurance of the line containing "datetime".  I am making the following assumptions:
 - This batch file will be run from a writable directory under Windows 2000/XP/2003
 - This batch file accepts 1 parameter which is the log file to parse
 - The "datetime" line will always be 3 lines down from the "dump=0" line
 - The length of the "datetime" line is constant (31 characters)

I think the following should work:

@echo off
set file=%1

if {%1}=={} echo Please specify filename&goto :EOF
if not exist %1 echo Can't find file %file%&goto :EOF

for /f %%a in ('findstr /i /n "dump=0$" %file%') do set dumpline=%%a&call :Process
goto :EOF

set /a start=2+%dumpline% 2>NUL
more /e  +%start% %file% > temptxt.txt
echo rcx >debugcmd.txt&echo 21 >>debugcmd.txt&echo w >>debugcmd.txt& echo q >>debugcmd.txt
debug temptxt.txt <debugcmd.txt >NUL
type temptxt.txt
del temptxt.txt
del debugcmd.txt

goto :EOF

Here's a different approach:

@echo off

if not exist "%~1" echo Please pass catalog file name to batch file.&goto :EOF

set inDump0=

for /f "tokens=1,2* delims== " %%a in ('type "%~1"') do call :PROCESS "%%a" "%%b" "%%c"

goto :EOF


if /i not "%~1"=="begin" goto CHECKINDUMP
if /i not "%~2"=="dump" goto :EOF

if "%~3"=="0" set inDump0=Y&goto :EOF

set inDump0=

goto :EOF


if not "%inDump0%"=="Y" goto :EOF
if /i not "%~1"=="datetime" goto :EOF

REM ** Do your processing here
echo Do processing using %~2 %~3

As with Gary's solution, the batch processing accepts a catalog name as input. You'll want to add your processing below the remark. The  %~2 holds the date and the %~3 holds the time.

Good Luck,

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Kunalap - I would use Steve's solution because it is cleaner than mine, has the capability for additional processing and has less dependancies than my solution (good job, Steve!)
Thanks Gary :)
kunalapAuthor Commented:
god bless u man.
damn u guys are good.


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