IP Addresses

Hi all

Can anyone tell me how i can find all IP Addresses on a intern lan and find out what
IP Addresses match dc1 file server ect.
I know ipconfig /allbut that only gives me the ip iam logged on to
thanks davy
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check out the Cain its very good its alot more than just seeing all the ips in ur subnet u also see the mac addresses it has ARP Poisonin and things but it have nothing to do for ur needs.
You can use the free ip scanner

advanced ip scanner
url : http://www.snapfiles.com/get/advancedipscanner.html

davy999Author Commented:
Thanks for advice but i was looking for some type of command
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Other than listing the IP addresses that a node has recently interacted with (through the ARP command) there is no way for a node to have a complete list of addresses on the LAN.

Even DHCP server logs are an imperfect listing. DHCP is a voluntary system. If some system decides to use a static address, either within or outside the DHCP servers address range, there is no way to DHCP to intervene.

I would recommend a tool that probes the network. Be careful of the results however, there is no guarantee that infrastructure (e.g., a VLAN) is distorting what you actually see.

- Bob Gezelter (aka RLGSC)
what to do ir run a "net view" from a command prompt
this will show you all the machines names that you PC can see
then do a ping to each name and it will resolve to that computers IP

start > Run > Cmd
Net view


ping david

reply from
reply from
reply from
reply from
Not sure about IP addresses but you can use "Net View" command to view the computer names connected to a particular Domain. (If that is of any help for you)

Here is the syntax:

[\\computername [/CACHE] | /DOMAIN[:domainname]]
NET VIEW /NETWORK:NW [\\computername]
You can interrogate the using nslookup to find out the ip address of dc1.

>nslookup dc1

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