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WP 10 macro that edits footerBin document style leaves wp thinking its still editing but main screen showing

lwhiteside asked
Last Modified: 2013-11-22
We are on a Novell 6.0 network, Zenworks 6.0, running Windows xp sp2 workstations, WP, 512 mb ram.  I have a mcro that edits a Footer contained in the Document Style.  When it returns the user to the main WP screen they are in limbo (part of the toolbar is greyed out and they can't type).  If you Alt+Tab through the open programs on the system WP shows as "editing a style".  If we use task manager / task list to "End Task" on WordPefect and then if at the second screen when saying "End Now" or "Cancel" we click CANCEL we are returned to a normal WP screen, document in tact, macro having done what it was written to do.

This started shortly after we went to our XP workstations,m Zenworks, and WP 10.

I have tried every coding I could use to back out of the style editing but everything leaves me hung.
While (?Substructure>0)
is the most recent.  It's a puzzle.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.
When I use this macro on a laptop or computer not controlled by Novell Zenworks it runs fine.

Lucille Whiteside
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I think you are right - it thinks you are still in the footer upon exiting the macro.

I have another approach.  Why use Macros to edit footers?  A lot can be achieved using Delay Codes (you specify all of your footers at the beginning of page 1 of your document, you just delay them by the relevant number of pages.  So if you want a Continuation page to be different from your header page, specify a footer with a Delay of 1.  If you are doing a pamphlet and need a Copyright message to appear on the last page footer, put a Delay Code in for however many pages in the pamphlet.

Please let us know if that does not address your specific problem.


The solution suggested above does not meet my needs.  Footer B is in our default wordperfect template as well as in my pleading template.  The Footer in my pleading template needs to be edited when a document is created from the template to reflect the current pleading name (different than document name) and must by court rules appear on every page.   I put the footer in document style so it wouldn't be deleted.  I may have to create a macro to discontinue it, then create a new one in main body.  I think it is mucking with the document style in the macro that causes the problem...not the footer code.

This same macro worked perfectly in WP 8, Win 95, Novell Network but no Zenworks or Windows XP.  

However, thanks for your suggestion.
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Thanks for the response.  I will try working the template angle.  The macro had been re-recorded....re-written from scratch and I believe I started with a brand new template when we went to WP10 from wp8....but I will take a hard look at that.  It makes sense that the problem could be there.

I know this has been relegated to a different area but it can now be closed as far as I'm concerned.

Thanks again.
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