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VB6 Crashes in Design View

baasassasin asked
Last Modified: 2010-04-07
The title of this post says it all.  Experts, have at it...I'll be very impressed if you can come up with a quickie for this (500 pts on the board):

I open up VB 6; I can view the code, and execute the code within the VB environment, but I can't view the design of anything.  In other words, everytime I try to view a form in design mode, VB 6 Crashes with one of those generic windows errors.

I've reinstalled VB and it's still not working.

I recently instaleed Win 2K3 Server and enabled folder redirection, but all of my program files are local.  I tried to switch users back to the local machine and run VB from there, it made no difference.

I appreciate the help.

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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process Advisor
Most Valuable Expert 2013

Have you installed the VB6 Service Pack 6?


I just installed it...no help...same thing.


Something to note, I have two MDI forms, the main window and the splash screen.  The only form I can view in design is the main MDI form...everything else crash and burns immediately.


I've just updated CommonControls and VB6 Runtime Objects...no help...same thing.  I would throw this PC out the window if there was a window in my office.


Do you use some particular (third party) OCX in your forms ?
Those could crash when trying to intialize...


Nope.  All controls are straight Microsoft.  I'm going to clean my registry out today and I'll let you guys know if it helped.


Ok...windows sucks.  Not really, but I'm a little angry.  I just uninstalled VB, cleaned out my registry with Reg Mechanic (cleaned 349 reg entries), and then I reinstalled VB...no success.  I think there's something wrong with the controls or something.  If I open the .frm file in notepad of one of the crashing forms and remove all of the object references, the form will open in design.  As soon as I make a reference to a single object, even a text box, then open in design...the whole thing crashes.  I've got some other funky stuff going on on my PC, so I will format and reinstall.  I'm going to reinstall VS2005 though.  I'll let y'all know how it works out.

I found this newsgroup thread


that says:

"... developers must be members of (at least) local admin."

Did you tried this?


Man, I thought you had the answer.  When I opened the registry and saw the permissions, my domain user name didn't have permissions on the keys stated in the link above.  However, when I changed the reg key permissions and rebooted, I still received the same error in the vb environment.  I could spend another few days troubleshooting this, but I'm going to cut my losses and wipe my HDD.  I've got lots of junk on this PC anyway...time for some spring cleaning.  I think you are very close with the registry permissions.  If I wipe, then reinstall VB using my domain account, and it works, I'd say it was a permission issue (and you get the points).  I'll post back later today once I'm back online.  Thanks for your help.



Yes, I admit, I've taken the losers way out.  I wiped and reinstalled, but it worked.  Wiping and reinstalling is never my first answer, but I would've spent more time than anything troubleshooting.  My guess is that it was a combination of permissions and registry.

If you have the same problem as above and can't find the answers, here's what I did:

1.  Back up your data (you should already have just about everything backed up if you're a real IT guy).
2.  Format your drive.
3.  Re-install OS
4.  Join domain
5.  Re-install VB

This is potentially the worst solution ever posted on Experts-Exchange, but saved me time.  I'm ashamed.

Note:  I haven't installed any service packs on VB yet, so no points for leew.  Cheers Hit MN.


Hit man, post a final so I can award you.
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