VIA RAID1 - How to restore after a hard-drive crash on different drive where OS ran URGENT

My system was configured with WINDOWS XP Pro running SATA RAID0, and 2 data drives (Western Digital 160 gb each) configured with VIA RAID1.  I lost one of the Hard Drives my OS was running, but have since replaced the drive, reinstalled Windows XP (along with the RAID Drivers for the RAID1 configuration for the Data Drives).

My problem, WINDOWS cannot "see" the data drives (neither individual drives nor as the RAID configuration) due to the drive sizes.  I have the Western Digital Lifeguard Tools, but in order to "prep" the drives to be seen by Windows, the process involves a reformat (I do not want to do that until I can get the data from one of those drives onto an external back-up drive - which I have purchased).  

I don't have any tools that allow me to "see" the drives, and to copy the data from one of the drives onto another external drive so that I can complete the process of prepping the drives for use by Windows.  It is ironic that I have the data intact, and a total backup of the data due to the RAID configuration, but cannot get to the data.  Any help, advice, guidance would be very much appeciated (and please note I am a novice in dealing with the hardware, so go easy on me).

Thank you,
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You just need sp1 in order to see more than 137GB, so make sure you are updated.
tinatsunamiAuthor Commented:
I am actually updated with SP2, so unfortunately that isn't the problem.
I was going by what you said about "due to the drive sizes" - I guess that is not the reason why you can't see the drives.  Is there a RAID BIOS that you can boot into and check if the RAID array is still there?  Are the RAID drivers installed?

RAID Reconstructor ( may be able to recover your data if everything else was done correctly.

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tinatsunamiAuthor Commented:
RAID Drivers are installed, the VIA Raid tool shows that the RAID is set up and functioning normally.  Through boot-up raid shows as functioning normally.  BIOS IDE configuration shows RAID present.  I can see the drives through the RAID tool and through the Western Digital tool, but not Windows.  When I try to use any tools that allow me to copy disk, those tools use the Windows interface to browse "My Computer", and those drives are not visible through Windows.  

In trying to download from, I have been getting a "SERVICE UNAVAILABLE" error for the past hour.  Do you recommend any other tools?

Try it again - I have just downloaded it without a problem.  You may have a firewall blocking it.
DId the Bios rebuild the RAID ?
If not, then you may not be able to do anything in windows since the copies do  not match.

I would definitely wait to backup the data before trying anything.

I hope this helps !
tinatsunamiAuthor Commented:
Yes, the BIOS rebuilt the RAID, but Windows keeps "telling me" I have to initialize the drive in order for Windows to access it.  Unfortunately, that will be the loss of my data.  I ran the RAID Reconstructor, but I ended up with a file system where each folder was the sector, with the data for that sector within the sector.  The good news is that I can get to the data and eventually get it all organized and "put back together", but I was really hoping for an image which matched the Windows file system (I guess since I had the data and the OS split out, that won't happen...).  What a mess.  But thanks for your help!!  It's further than what I was before!!!  
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